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    Durex: Safe Sex for those who love Real Sex

    Durex is not only the No. 1 brand in the world for the production and distribution of condoms: through products of the highest quality, has been able to promote the culture of safe sex, with a fresh and authentic language through its legendary advertisements. Durex accompanies you in the discovery of the most exciting and deepest pleasures: between delaying, stimulating, extra-large and ultra-thin condoms, water lubricants, silicone, 2 in 1 for erotic massage (Durex Play Massage), vaginal vibrators, clitoral vibrators and vibrating rings. Whether it's for a quickie or for a life together, choose Durex.

    Discover and try the vast catalog of Durex products.

    Durex: sex done well is also good for you

    Durex is the first name that probably comes to mind when we say condoms. But Durex is much more than that. Durex, the absolute leader in the distribution of condoms and pleasure products, has transformed the perception of safe sex and established a culture of responsibility combined with pleasure. Durex has conquered the market with its condoms for the safety and quality of materials, as well as for the endless variety of models, designed to satisfy all tastes and needs. Durex advertisements have an unmistakable style and a communication that strikes at the heart: it was the first Brand to involve Rocco Siffredi in an advertising campaign (Remember "Rocco tieni duro") and it is also the first Brand to use a strong and direct language to send a clear message ("The condom is on your dick? WELL!")

    Durex: a brand that has made the history of sex

    Durex was born from a simple but powerful acronym: DU stands for Durability (resistance), RE stands for REliability (reliability) and EX for EXcellence (excellence). The Durex brand was registered in 1929 by the London Rubbery barber's products company and began its unstoppable expansion. It immediately stands out for its vocation for innovation: in the '50s it introduced the first lubricated condom, in the '60s the first anatomically shaped condom, in the '70s it was the first brand to advertise condoms, while in the '90s it dedicated itself to a constant product innovation, introducing the firsthypoallergenic, colored and flavored condoms , up to the 2000s when it distributed on the market the firstdelaying condoms and exciting. Today Durex is known for being a brand that is sensitive to fundamental issues for everyone. The initiatives on the theme ofsexual education and prevention stand out: with Condomize, in 2010 and the donation of over 220,000 condoms to the AIDS Conference in Vienna.

    All Durex products: much more than condoms

    Using Durex products means relying on a historical tradition: Durex Jeans or Settebello models have protected the relationships of generations and generations of lovers. But Durex thinks that you can have a lot of fun with condoms: that's why it has created ultra-thin condoms (Feeling Sensitive), stimulating condoms (Excite Me), extra-large condoms (Comfort XL) and tasty flavored (Taste Me). Try them all to discover how fun, enjoyable and playful safe sex is. The perfect condom partner? The lubricant, which makes condom application easy and smooth and vaginal and anal penetration enjoyable. Durexproduces excellent quality lubricants for every need: in the line of Durex Play lubricants you will find warming and refreshing water lubricants (Play Warming and Play Tingle), flavored (Play Very Cherry and Play Sweet Strawberry), silicone to facilitate anal sex (Play Eternal) and Play Massage 2 in 1 lubricants with different fragrances of aloe vera, ylang ylang and guarana for an exciting erotic massage. Choose the one that suits you, to experience together a gentle and engaging penetration. To touch the sky with a finger together with your partner add to the combo also a Durex sex toy, which increase pleasure, duration and intensity in intercourse. You can choose between the vibrating rings Play Little Devil and Play Vibrations, in soft and elastic silicone to wrap around the penis to prolong and enhance the erection effectively; or you can make it tremble with pleasure with the clitoral finger vibrator Play Touch - Finger Vibe. Durex is always on the side of those who enjoy!

    Buy Durex Products Online

    The safe pleasure of Durex is with you, just a click away: online you will find the full range of Durex products that will be delivered in 24 hours. Exploreour site to appreciate the various condom models, described according to shape and sensation, and learn about the specific properties of all lubricants and intimate gels. Plan your weekend or pleasure vacation now by ordering directly from your smartphone the best condoms, lubricants and sex toys online for engaging and safe sex.

    With Durex Pleasure is Discounted

    Durex is the brand that allows you to do safe sex at a fair price: the philosophy of the brand Durex is precisely to spread safe sex around the world and allow everyone to make love without risking sexually transmitted diseases. Discounts, offers, multiple packs for a pleasure for all budgets and pockets. Explore the catalog and our offers: you will discover that it is possible to have excellent quality at the right price.

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