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    Durex condoms: synonymous with safe sex

    Durex has become the world's leading condom brand because it has cleverly combined safety, excellence and versatility. Durex Love, Durex Real Feel, Durex Sync, Durex Pleasure Max, Durex XL condoms, Durex Invisible: at Durex condoms are designed to meet every particular need, from comfort to stimulation, passing through the fragrance! All this creativity and attention to the needs of users is based on over 90 years of experience, which guarantees absolute reliability and safety. In fact,the experience of Durex has allowed the development of condoms of the latest generation that not only protect without interfering with the sensations of the body, but even add pleasure to sexual intercourse. Trust Durex quality: you just enjoy sex, Durex takes care of safety.

    What are the Durex condoms

    The best condoms in the world: that's what Durex condoms are. Durex has always pursued excellence in performance (and not only in bed): Durex condoms are electronically tested against the possibility of holes, are dermatologically tested for maximum comfort - also thanks to the convenient shape "Easy on" that makes them easy to put on. They're also the only condoms to consistently get the best results when subjected to standard worldwide quality testing. So everyone can enjoy sex with whoever they want to have it with, without fear. Durex creates condoms tailored to your desires: if you're looking for authentic sensations, try Durex Real Feel, if you're looking for a condom to exceed all limits, rely on Durex Performa. You will find Durex condoms of all sizes, functions and colors.

    Durex condoms: all types and colors

    A lot has changed since the days of the Durex Settebello Classico: the brand has in fact continued to direct its energies towards technical innovation, while also investing in style, in order to be able to offer the richest assortment of condoms currently on the market. Although Durex condoms are all medical devices (CE0120/ CE1639), for Durex the condom has never been just a "boring" medical device: green light to Durex orange, yellow, fuchsia, space for condoms with strawberry flavor or banana, stimulating(Durex Intense), with dotted surfaces, thin, ultra thin, XL (extra large), luminescent, hyper-lubricated, textured and even vegan. Thanks to Durex, condoms have become cult objects, colorful and exciting to use. The assortment allows you to choose the right condom for your needs and requirements: once you put them on you can let yourself be overwhelmed by passion, enjoying the natural feel of rubber latex and the pleasant aroma that they give off. The choice is vast: condoms rich in lubricant such as Durex TVB or thin ones such as Durex Contact Comfort or Durex Comfort XL increase the intimacy of the couple while stimulants amplify the sensation of pleasure; Durex XXL contain even the most massive penises and finally we also have condoms Durex Retardants, enriched with an active lubricant, which prolongs intercourse to maximize the pleasure of both. On the other hand, if you're in the mood to play, choose the Durex Fun Explosion! You have fun, Durex takes care of the quality!

    Durex condoms: sizes and measurements

    The dress doesn't make the man, but the condom makes the lover: choosing the right condom in the right size is a decisive factor in making the difference between an "okay" sexual relationship and an unforgettable night of fire. No one likes to wear clothes that are too tight or too loose: that's why Durex studies sizes to satisfy all sizes without forgetting the specific needs of material or stimulating function. From Durex Comfort to Durex Jeans, sizes are designed specifically for each model. In the rich Durex assortment you will find condoms of all sizes and surely also the condom tailored to you. The size of Durex condoms is specified for each model in terms of nominal width and length. On the pages of each model, we provide you with detailed descriptions of thickness, fit, reservoir type, lubrication and materials, alwayshypoallergenic and even hypoallergenic.

    The best Durex condoms

    Each type of Durex condom offers the best, according to different needs. If you really want to play it safe or fear surprise breakage, choose Durex Defensor, which is thicker and stronger, with long-lasting lubrication that's also suitable for anal sex. With Defensor you are literally in a barrel of iron. Settebello Durex, in all sizes, is instead the super-thin condom - only 0.05 millimeters of latex - able to combine maximum sensitivity with absolute protection, together with Durex Sensitive. The best condom for couples, on the other hand, is Durex Sync, designed to increase the pleasure of both during penetration: the condom is internally coated with retardant lubricant for the penis of the penetrator and a dotted external surface to stimulate the inner walls of the one being penetrated.

    How to use Durex Condoms

    Durex condoms are absolutely the best in terms of wearability and ease of application: the Easy-On formula in fact makes the sliding of the condom on the penis easier. Wearing it will really be child's play and there will be no more excuses. To take it out, it is equipped with a safety reservoir that collects the semen and prevents its dispersion. It is important to store them in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources. We also recommend that you always check the expiration date of Durex condoms, which guarantees their functionality.

    Durex condoms: a smart purchase

    Buy online your Durex condoms for maximum savings and convenience: choose from the catalog on the site of MySecretCase, where each model of condom is described in detail. Once you have chosen your model, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. In 24 hours your condoms will be delivered in total anonymity. The package is neutral and does not show MySecretCase as the sender. No one will know what it is!

    Durex: condoms at affordable prices

    Durex is the brand of high quality condoms at low cost: the policy of Durex condoms is to always offer an affordable price to everyone, not to mention that on our site you will find additional offers. Discover all our special offers on the site of MySecretCase. We offer, in addition to the classic packs of 4 and 6 pieces, also the undeniable convenience of large format packs of 12 pieces and even 30 pieces, for a supply of carefree sex! The cost of Durex condoms on our site is absolutely the cheapest on the market. You will find periodically various offers and strong discounts on various models.

    The family of Durex products

    The condom does not like to be alone: it loves the company of lubricant and the small and practical sex toys of Durex. For a night of overwhelming passion, pair your condoms with other sex objects for a complete and memorable pleasure kit.

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