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The sexy nipple covers, the most invisible and sensual underwear to wear with your sexy underwear . Discover the sexiest decorative nipple stickers on the market, to be used under your sexy babydolls and all your favorite seduction items.

    13 products

    Sexy nipple covers

    Brought back in vogue by the divas of burlesque, nipples, nipple patches or pasties, are adhesive nipple covers (disposable or reusable) to be attached to the nipples under a sexy outfit or a transparent baby doll is to afford cleavage from which you can not see the bra straps. Choose models of nipple covers online to give a more glamorous touch to your femininity to try to rediscover the charm of the divas of the past and the sexy seductresses of the present (you).

    What are adhesive nipple covers?

    Take care of the most beautiful part of the female body, breasts are really something wonderful! Whether it's small, big, round, thinnest and you name it, it always deserves special attention. With the heart-shaped nipple covers and chain you can highlight your breasts and give an extra touch of charm to the erotic games of couples! From the preciousness of rhinestones, to the sweetness of satin bows, adhesive nipple covers there are many types and will be that extra detail that will make you unforgettable in the eyes of those who look at you, while the nipple clamps, more daring, will give you a touch of creativity and resourcefulness!

    What types of nipple clamps exist and how to use them?

    Of sexy and useful nipple covers there are various types and all for different occasions. The most classic skin-colored, are like patches nipple covers that fit perfectly to the shape of the nipple up to cover it entirely and are perfect to wear every day under a dress or a shirt a little 'transparent to feel comfortable and confident not to remain too exposed during the day ensuring a natural look to the breast. The silk nipple covers, unlike silicone nipple covers, are very thin and ensure a greater hold, thanks to the perfect adherence to the skin of the adhesive. Both of the above solutions are a viable alternative to the last minute fallback of the tape on the nipples, which is not as safe or even as discreet as we would like. The nipple tape cover does not exist, and then ouch, that hurts! Then there are the colored nipple covers and more special as those of satin, fabric, bows, tassels and feathers suitable for all tastes and definitely sexy and exciting to make the evenings more eventful maybe combining them with the right thong. To be so special, in fact, an object of this size relies on the quality of materials, and it is thanks to the finishes and different fabrics that the nipple cover becomes a real accessory for the nipple.

    What are nipple covers for?

    Always dreamed of making a streptease for your parnter? Burlesque style nipple covers are great for giving your guy a sexy show, and using your spinning boobs covered in sexy tassels, will be super hot for both of you. Adhesive nipple covers are suitable, also and especially, for concealing your nipples under the most transparent clothes and to avoid rubbing and irritation of such a sensitive female area. And then, the female nipples are an erogenous zone on a par with the clitoris and vagina, so using special nipple covers will be a pleasure for our body and also for the sight of our partner. Not to mention the nipple clamps with feathers of Osa that remain hanging on our with the slight grip of the clamps that for will be a continuous stimulation and really very pleasant. Another great way to stimulate the nipples, which could even bring us to orgasm, is the clitoral sucker: the stimulator par excellence of extremely sensitive areas and loved for being gentle and efficient. The clitoral suckers, in fact, act on the clitoris through the soft silicone nozzle in which the magic of suction and "blowing" takes place, activating the clitoris just like in oral sex, but with more precision and facilitating the flow of blood with consequent excitement. The clitoral orgasm is guaranteed in less than a minute, to know if it also applies to the nipples just try it!

    How to apply and how to remove the adhesive nipple covers

    Adhesive nipple covers are often reusable so it's important to apply them to clean, dry skin so that they are efficient and adherent for as long as possible. Gel and polyester ones are super easy to apply and are reusable adhesive nipple covers up to 15 times! Fabric nipple covers, adhere to your breasts with a hypoallergenic adhesive just like you would a nipple cover patch, but safer and much gentler. Adhesives remove from nipple covers with soap and water and simply air dry.

    Nipples are an erogenous zone: all nipple accessories online

    Not that we women were not already aware of this, but only recently it has been scientifically proven that the female nipples are an erogenous zone on a par with the clitoris and the vagina. In fact, following an MRI performed on 11 women intent in stimulating their nipples, it was discovered that it activates the same areas of the brain as when stimulating the genital parts, already connected to the latter through four nerves: the hypogastric nerve, related to the cervix, the vagus nerve, related to the cervix, the pudendal nerve, which underlies the clitoris, and finally the pelvic nerve connected to the vagina. It has even been hypothesized, as in breastfeeding, that the stimulus of the nipples is exciting because it releases a hormone, oxytocin, which is responsible not only for uterine contraction, but also for a whole series of sensations that depart from the brain. So if you care about your pleasure in addition to sex toys, fill the drawer with nipple covers and nipple clamps!

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