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Among all the sex toys for him , the prostate vibrators from male vibrators category are the most important not only for achieving male orgasm, but also for the well-being of the prostate . The prostate massager is a anal vibrator particularly ergonomic that has a round tip designed to stimulate the prostate , perineum, point P and point L, obtaining a anal massage that is not only amazing, but also healthy. Prostate massage is in fact one of the main treatments to prevent infections of the male genitals such as prostatitis and prostate cancer. Much more than anal toys , prostate massagers are a fundamental wellness tool for every man!

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    Prostate massager: the sex toy for men

    For a safe and precise prostate massage, rely on the sex toy specially designed to perform this arduous task: the prostate vibrator. Prostate massagers are those anal toys designed both to stimulate the P point, the male equivalent of the female G point, but there are also forms that come to massage the perineum, the area between the base of the testicles and the entrance of the anus. These are prostate vibrators that have an L shape as the prostate massager Power to you of MySecretCase. Halfway between a wellness tool and a real sex toy for men, the prostate stimulator with its vibrations is able to provide a more intense and lasting orgasm than that provided by anal or vaginal penetration alone. Online the best models of prostate massager.

    What is the P point and where it is located

    The P-spot is the erogenous zone to drive a man crazy in bed.
    It is located above the perineum and below the neck of the bladder and is that organ in charge of the production of seminal fluid that will mix with semen at the time of ejaculation. The prostate is also called the P point or male G point precisely because it is a source of great pleasure and orgasms for men as the G point is for women. For the health of the prostate, it is important to use the prostate massager to expel residual semen that is retained and not completely expelled during ejaculation.
    The best way to locate this infamous spot is to lie on your stomach with your legs bent and possibly your knees resting on your chest. Using the lubricant on the area of the anus, relaxing and gently inserting a finger into the rectum for about 2.5 cm, you will notice a solid mass of the volume of a chestnut that starting from forty years can also grow in size.

    What is the prostate massager for

    Prostate massage is now an increasingly popular erotic fantasy, known and required and is also a very important practice not only for sexuality. Whether it is out of curiosity to try new sensations or to enjoy the benefits that prostate massage can give us, by now anal stimulation is something that many men seek. For a long time and still in many cultures theuse of the anal vibrator is a taboo, associated with a homosexual practice, but the prostate massage is important for the quality of sperm and as a preventive practice of erectile dysfunction and impotence warding off the dreaded performance anxiety! Especially if you are over 35 years old, get informed and read the curiosities about the prostate on the blog of MySecretCase.
    Not only men will benefit from the stimulation of the prostate, but also women will benefit from it. For example, a man's erection will be stronger and more powerful because prostate massage generates a greater blood flow to the prostate and perineum, making a man's erection much more stable and solid. In addition, this increased blood flow thanks to prostate massage is also useful to prevent relaxation of the pelvic muscles with a consequent improvement in rectal function.

    How to do prostate massage

    If you want to know how to massage the prostate, start with the basics. Prostate massage can be of two types: internal, by probing with a finger (or with a finger vibrator from MySecretCase) the gland located a few inches from the entrance of the anus; or external, by massaging the perineum located between the scrotum and the anus. With a suitable prostate vibrator, it is possible to achieve a double result: intense penetration and anal stimulation. An effective prostate massage is made possible by the small curved and rounded protuberance that starts from the central body of the vibrator or anal dildo. If you prefer only the stimulation of the internal prostate, more precise and localized; there are sex toys specially designed and perfect for this.

    How to stimulate the male prostate

    It is possible to activate and tease many nerve endings in the anal area with rimming and caresses, but only with internal penetration can you reach the prostate and generate orgasms up to 10 times more intense and long-lasting than those caused by vaginal intercourse. The male orgasm is divided into two phases: emission and expulsion. The prostate is a gland of the urinary and reproductive system that releases the prostatic fluid along with other substances that form the semen: this is the emission phase, the one in which the prostate performs its function of producing and emitting the seminal fluid. The expulsion is what in common language we call male orgasm. Not everyone knows that the second function of the prostate is to control the flow of urine. When the prostate releases the fluid, it begins to pulsate and contracts, generating a sensation similar to that which precedes ejaculation. The prostate stimulator is the sex toy invented specifically to reach and stimulate the prostate by producing pulsations and facilitating the contractions of the prostate gland. Today to stimulate the prostate there are many sex toys online, whose shape has been specially designed to follow the male anatomy with a wider and longer than a classic vibrator.
    They facilitate insertion (which should always be facilitated with plenty of anal lubricant) and enrich the pleasure of a prostate massage with vibrations.

    The benefits of prostate massage

    This walnut-like gland plays a fundamental role in the male reproductive system during sexuality but above all in the health of the man. Prostate problems, in fact, can lead to more or less serious disorders such as erectile dysfunction and enlargement and inflammation of the gland itself. Erection problems can be due to prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), which often proves to be an uncomfortable companion for everyday life and for sex as a couple. Some symptoms of prostatitis can be easily confused with those of cystitis such as the need to urinate very often, burning and pain while urinating and the sense of incomplete emptying. For this reason, only a proper medical control can diagnose the symptoms through the right examinations. We, for our part, can tell you that prostate massage is very useful to keep this gland healthy thanks to the oxygenation of the tissues that occurs when you promote blood flow with stimulation. A sex toy for prostate massage will also benefit your orgasms because often the insertion of a finger is not enough to provide that peak of pleasure that is expected from this type of stimulation.

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