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Do you think RPGs are just the ones that keep nerdy glasses glued around a table in front of pawns? Then a world is about to open up before you! In seduction, role-playing games - practiced by anyone as well as fetishists and lovers of bondage - allow you to abandon routine and to become, even just for one evening or one night, a different person. In the role-playing game there are no losers: you will win the mention of the jury for the complicity of the couple and the first prize for the best interpretation as a sexy protagonist!


    Waitress, secretary and sexy nurse are common jobs in the light of day, but at nightfall, accomplice some super sexy outfit, trigger the most recondite and timeless erotic fantasies. Perhaps because it is from the most normal situations that you hope to get surprises, perhaps because it is true that beyond appearances we all have a hidden side and unmentionable, perhaps because in erotic films it happens just so ... the fact is that there is no man who has not fantasized about being fined for some excess irreferable by a sexy policewoman all curves, instead of being asked "license and registration" by a policeman gruff and potbellied. And to turn reality upside down and make the fantasy come true, all we need to do is get the necessary to transform ourselves into the sexy stereotype that most inflames our and other people's fantasies, abandoning ourselves to a spicy role play.


    Like all games that are respected, the role-playing games have rules. But the rules, even in role-playing games, are created specifically to be broken. Therefore, you and your partner will decide which role you want to play and how articulate and sophisticated your game will be. You can, for example, decide to wear for an evening the role of the meowing kitten to feel mischievous and sensual and amaze your boyfriend; or you can, in a much more elaborate way, build together for hours or days the script of your meeting, dropping more deeply into the character of the schoolgirl who seduces her classmate or professor, and staging it line after line, until the inevitable sexy epilogue. It depends on what you have in mind and the desire you have to measure yourself with your directing and acting skills!


    Deciding which is your sexy alter ego is simple, just follow what your instinct tells you or decide to ask your partner to find out if he has always wanted to see you dressed as a bunny (and in that case you will go on the safe side with the top with garters and accessories Sexy Bunny Suit by Obsessive) or if he gets excited imagining you shouting orders in the guise of a major in the army (for this eventuality opt without delay for the Major Set by Baci Lingerie). The important thing is that you want to play, have fun and feel like the protagonist of a slutty comedy of the eighties (but, we recommend: your partner must be more attractive than Alvaro Vitali or Lino Banfi!). Here are some ideas:

    • Sexy secretary
    • Lolita
    • Naughty student
    • Sexy nurse
    • Maid / cleaning lady
    • Porn Hostess
    • Sexy Bunny
    • Sensual cat
    • Soldier
    • Policewoman

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