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"The chances of getting to the point with a man increase the uglier the underpants you wear," says the wisdom of literary anti-heroine Bridget Jones. But we do not want to let ourselves be caught unprepared and be found wearing granny panties: what it takes to propitiate (and make it successful) a hot encounter is definitely a pair of thongs or < strong> sexy briefs ! Discover the panties , the culottes or the thong that are right for you, and don't forget to wear, at least once in a while, a garment crotchless underwear , open on the pubis!

    19 products


    When you think of sexy underwear, you immediately think of sexy thongs and thongs. This type of slip, in fact, leaves very little to the imagination, discovering in an admirable way the B side, a real obsession for men of all ages. And do not be intimidated by the image of the Rio Carnival dancers that pops into your mind as soon as you think of the word "thong": not only those who have the infamous Brazilian butt can wear thongs and g-strings purchased in the sex shop! Just choose the right lingerie, soft and perhaps enriched with bows and ruffles, et voila, even a very soft butt or with some pads of cellulite will look wonderful to the voracious eyes of the partner!


    Women who just do not feel comfortable to wear underwear too bold or who prefer to play more with the effect "I see - I do not see" will find what suits them among the wide assortment of panties and culottes. Because of course we are not talking about just any culottes and open briefs, but refined and seductive lingerie items, able to transform even the most timid fan of cotton panties into a sexy charmer. Take a look, for example, at the chiffon culottes inspired by 50 Shades of Grey, the Mr. Grey Gift, the "star" Nippies Silver Stars Merrow Cheeky panties by Bristols6, with matching nipple covers, or the wonderful Panty Node Sail by Leg Avenue, in true retro and burlesque style. If, however, you want to make the big leap from mischievous lolitina to femma fatale, bet on micro thongs and sexy briefs more elaborate, as Abbigail by Anais or Mini String by Maison Close, suitable for those who so far have worn a lingerie sought but never too bold.


    But what no woman, from the most chaste to the most emancipated, can give up (or rather, the garment that must necessarily wear at least once in her life) are the panties, sexy thongs or crotchless panties (open briefs). Do not know what it is? Thecrotchless underwear is theopen underwear, and therefore, speaking of panties, is that underwear that has a strategic opening right at the pubic. That's right: wearing a crotchless brief you can make love without slipping off your delicious super sexy panties! A nice advantage, considering that you won't have the time: as soon as he sees you, your partner won't be able to resist you. Try a micro thong or black thong and we bet on how much (little) will last! Open underwear includes leotards, bodystocking, culottes and thongs. A few examples? The Punker Teddy and the Carmelove Teddy by Obsessive, the Lucia Body by Anais Lingerie, the Body With Mask by Leg Avenue or the Crotchless Pinstripe by René Rofé. It can be opened on the buttocks for anal sex or only on the pubes via a thin vertical slit for vaginal penetration. Your choice of side!


    If up to ten-twenty years ago open underwear was the prerogative of a dense niche of fetishists and BDSM practitioners, now it has been cleared through customs even by the most sophisticated sexy lingerie houses (Agent Provocateur, Victoria's Secret, René Rofé and Maison Close) who have managed to grasp the erotic potential. Crotchless underwear can be kept on for quick sex sessions in the open air or in public places without having to undress and corroborates that fantasy, both male and female, for which we get excited by holding up the heels or hold-ups during intercourse. Imagine in fact to hold on a g-string or mini thong with heels to s

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