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Anal lubricants : if it is true that there is no rose without thorns, it is even more true that there is no anal penetration without lubricant . The anus is indeed capable of great things but, alas, not of providing for its lubrication. And without anal lubrication ... nothing but thorns! But let's not despair: it is enough to get the best anal lubricant, specifically formulated, to be able to venture smoothly and smoothly into the mysterious - and very pleasant - lands of anal sex , preferably with the help of best sex toys for the anus .

    17 products
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    Anal Lubricants

    Anal gel is the lubricant for more enjoyable anal sex that is accessible to everyone. Long practiced in porn, anal intercourse is intriguing more and more couples! On anal sex often hovers the specter of pain, but in reality with proper preparation and good lubrication is not only painless, but also deeply enjoyable. Foreword: proper hygiene is mandatory and it is essential to use a suitable anal gel to lubricate the anus and avoid unnecessary friction.

    What is a lubricant for the anus

    Anal lubricant is a basic requirement when it comes to penetration of the anus. You have to make up for the absence of natural anal lubrication through the application of a specific product, such as anal lubricant, which facilitates the entry of a penis or toy, without this causing friction or rubbing and what can follow, such as irritation, pain and small injuries. An anal lubricant is a gel made from anal tissue-friendly ingredients that can provide prolonged viscosity and an irresistible glide effect. Lubricating the anus is the first fundamental step in abandoning mental and mechanical resistance and focusing solely on pleasure. And let's remember that your behind deserves respect: leave the butter to Marlon Brando and choose the best anal lubricant on the market, specially created to make anal penetration pleasant, safe and carefree.

    All types of anal lubricants

    To lubricate the anus, water-based lubricants are not the ideal choice: on the one hand, water-based gels evaporate first, on the other hand, the anus absorbs water. It can really become a literally annoying situation. Usually, for anal lubrication, the two most popular options are either oil-based lubricant - which, however, is not compatible with the use of a condom - or silicone-based - which, however, should not be used with silicone sex toys.

    A fair compromise that allows us to slalom between the various issues is a special water-based anal lubricant, which is a watery gel with a more complex formulation and a thicker viscosity, which prolongs lubrication. This is the gel you can use with condoms and toys, but most importantly with your partner! Silicone-based anal gel, on the other hand, performs the function of a real anal oil, which is perfect for relationships that require prolonged time because it is more full-bodied, dries slowly and is perfect for those who are more sensitive to pain. But it doesn't end there: the needs of anal lovers are many! There are also creams for anal intercourse or hybrid anal gels (half water and half silicone) and a huge variety of gels for anal intercourse: cold effect, warming, flavored. Even the oil for anal sex is not a simple vegetable oil but a specially formulated oil. If you want to achieve the right degree of relaxation of the anal muscles try the anal lubricant with relaxing effect that relaxes the tissues and slightly anesthetizes the area. On the other hand, if you are a person who pays attention to the label and its ingredients, you will also find a rich selection of anal lubricants free of synthetic compounds and rich in organic extracts (from cloves, goji berries, through the extraordinary aloe vera).

    The anal lubricant to increase the pleasure of the couple

    Choosing a good lubricant is the winning choice for an engaging and pleasurable anal relationship, so that the anus relaxes and you can both enjoy yourselves! Anal lubricant is the perfect ally to open the dances in anal foreplay, which is essential if you want your partner to be relaxed and receptive. A suspicious anus will twitch and not let anything in willingly, even if it's the penis of a beloved partner. Foreplay in anal ensures successful intercourse and increases the likelihood that you'll both get all the way in. Good foreplay? A full-body massage right into anal lube, with happy ending! Anal lube is perfect for couple's play and can also be used if you practice fisting or any other practice that involves anal stimulation.

    How to use gels for anal intercourse

    Before applying an anal cream or a gel for anal sex, the whole area should be cleaned thoroughly with an antibacterial intimate soap, lightly stick a finger inside, to clean the entrance of the rectum: the anus is an area rich in bacteria of all kinds, including pathogens. And a practice like anal exposes both of you to a greater likelihood of infection. Only after careful hygiene you can move on to lubricating the anus. Simply apply a small amount of anal gel to the entrance of the anus or on the penis before anal intercourse. The gel should be massaged and smeared carefully, this ensures to cover the entire affected area and relax your partner. If it is a water-based gel you will need to repeat the application several times during foreplay and over the condom or on the penis, while if it is an anal intercourse oil or silicone-based lube one generous application during foreplay may be enough.

    How to choose your anal lubricating gel

    The needs of the B side are really many and it is therefore important to choose the right one, with the formulation suitable for your physiology. Remember, the factors to consider absolutely are the long life and strong viscosity. Armed with this knowledge we can proceed to a serene and sensible purchase. As we have seen, the two most popular types of lubricants are water-based anal gel, more compatible with mucous membranes, and silicone-based, which should be avoided if you introduce a silicone toy into the relationship. So let's recap: water-based if you're using sex toys, silicone-based if you're using them in the bath or shower. Make sure they are dermatologically tested to respect the sacred skin of the poo. You can safely buy your anal lubricants on MySecretCase's website: our anal intercourse gels, lubricants and oils are of excellent quality and safe. Trust us, with us you will take it there, but as you wish!

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