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Take an abundant dose of sensuality, a handful of provocation and dust everything with a light veil of see and do not see: you will get the sexy baby doll, one of the most famous items of feminine underwear sensual Perfect also for curvy women, thanks to plus size babydolls. By combining babydoll and sex toys you can seduce, have fun and dream!

    19 products
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    Babydoll and sexy petticoat: the seduction that you wear

    Seduction is a meal that should be enjoyed from appetizer to dessert: never neglect, therefore, the moments before sex, because it is precisely from there that the excitement is triggered. Showing up to a hot date (whether it is the first with a stranger or the millionth with the partner of a lifetime) wearing a sensual dress, which wraps around the forms and invites you to discover them will make you feel wonderful and will win the attention of your him; welcome him in the bedroom with a mischievous black babydoll, which lets your curves shine through, will make him fall victim to your spell of love.

    Sexy babydoll: underwear for curvy women and not only

    Among all the sexy underwear, the babydoll or petticoat is certainly the most versatile. Sensual during foreplay and cool and comfortable during the night, the babydoll for women knows no size outside of the bra. Its empire style design, tight on the décolleté and wide on the belly, lends itself to any size, from the slimmest to the most generous. It is no coincidence that curvy women can not resist having a babydoll for plus sizes in the closet: with this mini dress that highlights their strengths and hides a few flaws, they can charm anyone.

    Intimate baby doll: the most loved item of women's lingerie

    Whether it's a satin baby doll, a lace babydoll, silk, or other sensual and transparent materials, the babydoll is the shortened and hot version of the nightgown (which is known to have the super power to nullify every libidinous thought in the average male, almost as much as the jumpsuit pajamas), but you can hardly sleep after wearing it. The top of this petticoat wraps around and enhances the breasts, emphasizes the waist, hips and buttocks, lightly touching them or hiding them under the transparency of the lace, and lets you see the sexy panties or matching thong. For an extra sexy touch, you can wear nipple covers that will make it even more intriguing effect see-through. The baby doll is a garment that enhances the forms of all women, and is therefore an ally that can not miss in the drawer of sexy underwear of all those who want to feel like real dolls!

    Mischievous doll or sexy panther: to each his seductive babydoll

    How to choose the most suitable sexy dress or baby doll for you? It depends on how you feel: glam rock seductress or innocent little doll? A "simple" black slip or a white slip are elegant and sensual at the same time without daring too much. With a black lace baby doll (like the elegant Alluria Peignoir & Thong) you can give a breathtaking view to the beholder and excite with transparency. With the spicy-colored version of the petticoat you become a master of seduction, for example, with a red babydoll (like the exciting 838 Babydoll & Thong Red) you can be a real devil (inside and out). If you prefer a (fake) virgin look very clean and innocent, a white babydoll is that touch of preciousness that will make us shine and immediately attract the partner with all his mischievous intentions. A very appreciated and useful Christmas gift, for girlfriends or for the partner, could be a red Christmas baby doll that you can also wear on New Year's Eve to wish each other much passion and to spend a night of fire.

    Babydoll or beby dol? Meaning and translation

    The baby doll is a type of lingerie extremely sensual and the name, seemingly innocent, exudes a not inconsiderable erotic charge. Beby dol, babydol, baby dool and beby doll are incorrect versions of the name "babydoll" which literally translated from English means "little" or "little girl" (baby) "doll" (doll). Obviously that we are talking about this enchanting garment is always clear, but knowing the real meaning of the name, this dress becomes a real bomb of fake innocence ready to explode in the bedroom.

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