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The anal vibrators are those vibrators with a wider handle or a safety base such as to avoid an unpleasant suppository effect. Ideal for those who already practice anal sex or in combination with a butt plug , the anal vibrator is the safest choice to experience the more daring sexual practices. What is missing? Only anal lubricant !

    20 products
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    Anal vibrator: the best for anal

    Anal sex with sex toys is safe if done with specific vibrators for the penetration of the B side: the anal vibrators. Unlike other vibrators have a wider handle or a safety base so that penetration is pleasant without running any risk. (Remember the effect of the anus?). The anal vibrator is ideal for those who practice anal sex already at a level a little more advanced or in conjunction with a butt plug anal dilator smaller that can also be vibrating.

    Anal vibrator: how to use it and which to choose on MySecretCase

    Of the range of anal toys, anal vibrators are the most powerful and largest, on MySecretCase you will find online however a wide variety of sizes, as well as shapes and colors. Many stimulators for the anus have a phallic shape, these are vibrating anal dildos with a more realistic shape than classic anal vibrators. Vibrating anal plugs are smaller and less powerful, anal vibrators for women or men are very similar with the exception of the prostate anal masturbator, a vibrator particularly ergonomic and not very suitable for female anal stimulation. Whatever type it is, an anal vibrator if used properly leads to anal orgasm. Why? Because of the numerous nerve endings, the anus is a very sensitive erogenous zone, intense stimulation causes a particularly strong excitement and therefore orgasm. The anal orgasm can be felt even more intensely than a vaginal climax.

    Types of anal vibrator woman and male anal vibrator

    The anal vibrator comes in very different textures, sizes, colors and shapes, however, if you are looking for a fun and colorful first approach, whether you are male or female you can opt for a butt plug. All is fair when you consciously play with your body and the anal vibrator is the most suitable to explore the erotic potential without distinction of sex and gender, complete the sexual experience, allowing you to enjoy a very intimate and deep emotion. From the materials to the size, shapes, tightness and bulges, everything in this vibrator is designed to make anal sex as enjoyable and sublime as possible.
    The male anal vibrator is tailored to accommodate the needs of P-spot and L-spot stimulation. The female anal vibrator comes with a thinner tip to make anal penetration easier and more immediate. In both the base is wide or there is a kind of stop so as to prevent the total insertion of the vibrator into the anus. This edge at the base, if on the one hand pampers the anus and perineum, on the other has the important function of preventing full penetration by preventing the vibrator from slipping into the bowel and then can no longer be removed without medical help. Therefore, while many anal vibrators are also suitable for vaginal penetration, vaginal vibrators are not suitable for anal penetration, which in this case would prove very risky. Exceptions are some rabbit vibrators more special and versatile, where the presence of the second end makes it particularly safe even in case of anal stimulation.

    Anal sex safe and painless with the anal stimulator

    The use of anal vibrators requires some preparation to avoid possible pain or injury. Foreplay is important for anal stimulation. Before using a vibrator, the anus should be stimulated with the fingers until the muscles are largely relaxed. There is also the practice of rimming or anilingus that is oral intercourse at the anus. Lubricant can also be very useful for smoother and painless sliding, it is practically a must! Although they are water-based, they are specific lubricants, anal lubricants are viscous, contain relaxing active ingredients, if water-based they are compatible with all silicone anal toys. Choose the long-lasting anal lubricant that lasts the entire time of anal penetration without the need to apply it continuously.
    Those who already practice anal sex, may not need this kind of preparation, it may be enough to stimulate the G-spot with a vibrator or a prostate massage. Attention to the choice of the best hypoallergenic and ecological materials guarantees maximum safety in the use of these anal toys. Awareness of one's own body leads to a freer and more joyful sexuality that reflects on any aspect of life. The complicity with a possible partner is multiplied as the love for oneself. Now all that remains is to understand your preferences and buy online the most suitable anal vibrator!

    Hygiene and care of vibrators for the anus

    Especially when it comes to anus and anal intercourse, you need to pay special attention to hygiene and personal care. It is best to rinse anal vibrators with clean water and mild soap before and after use. For better care of both yourself and the vibrator, it is important to sanitize with a toy cleaner specifically for sex toys. It has an antibacterial, and antifungal effect that prevents the development of bacteria. It is good practice, both for anal sex and for women and men who use anal vibrators, to use an anal shower or enema that ensures greater hygiene. It is a pump filled with water and inserted directly into the anus before using anal toys Online you will find all the accessories for a superb anal pleasure and above all clean!

    Couple sex with anal vibrator

    Anal sex as a couple is primarily a matter of trust. The fear of pain or that the anus is a dirty area can be overcome by relying on the partner and with the right hygiene precautions. Anal vibrators can help you to experience together this experience that can be more exciting than you think!