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Hi everyone, I'm Ilenia and I have a little problem... contraception! For various reasons I had to stop taking the pill, and with my boyfriend we started using condoms again. Only, a few hours after intercourse, he starts complaining of itching and burning, as well as a swollen feeling... right on his penis! At first I played it down a bit, but he is really sick and now he doesn't want to use a condom anymore! I, on the other hand, don't want to know about using spirals or diaphragms... What do you recommend? Thank you!

Dear Ilenia, in all probability your boyfriend is allergic to latex! Latex allergy is not widespread, but it can cause problems ranging from slight redness and itching (as in the case of your boyfriend) to anaphylactic shock. So, it's best to avoid pushing it! The good news, however, is that all the best brands of condoms have among their proposals also latex-free condoms, designed precisely for the most sensitive and allergic. Made of alternative materials such as polyurethane and polyisoprene, they guarantee the same protection and comfort of latex condoms, but without the risk of allergy! Try Control's Latex Free (which are also ultra-thin!) or Akuel's entire Skyn line. Our favorites? Skyn Extra Lubricated, already lubricated!

Hi girls of MySecretCase! My name is Elisa and I am writing to you because a few months ago I bought a Mooncup A from you. I was very enthusiastic about the idea of using the menstrual cup but, unfortunately, since I've been using it I've had several times of burning when peeing, if not real episodes of cystitis! I almost never suffered from it in the past, and now I'm a little worried ... is there something wrong with the use? I feel like I'm inserting it correctly, it just feels a little "squishy" every now and then.... Give me a heads up, please! I don't want to give up the cup!

Hi Elisa! No, we are not going to give up the cup! The menstrual cup is one of the most hygienic menstrual devices and respectful of female physiology so, if chosen and used correctly, drastically reduces the risk of inflammation and infection as, in fact, the terrible cystitis. If not cleaned properly or if chosen in the wrong size or too rigid, however, can give some trouble. And the fact that you sometimes feel "squeezing" makes me think that the Mooncup A is not the right cup for you: it could be a little too big and go to slightly compress the urethra. If you are less than thirty years old and you have not had vaginal births, perhaps the Mooncup B, or the Sensitive Eve, slightly smaller, may be more suitable for you. Try to change the cup, remember to always handle it with very clean hands and sterilize it between cycles in boiling water, and then store it in a clean container, possibly a bag made of natural fibers! Let us know!

Hello! Since I have very delicate skin, I'm looking for a massage oil with the most natural formula possible. I don't know what I'm allergic to yet, but some erotic gels I've used in the past have given me several irritations, once even eczema. How should I adjust with the ingredients?

Good morning to you! To be on the safe side, we recommend using YESforLOV's Titillating Massage Candle, which is made exclusively of moisturizing, gentle, and emollient ingredients like soy, coconut, and sesame. If you're concerned about consistency, we assure you that this candle, compared to others that are more pasty, manages to produce, provided it is left on for several minutes, a very liquid oil, sensational on contact with the skin. If you prefer a ready-to-use oil to take everywhere and possibly have a practical dispenser, now there is the new ORGANIC line of Shunga, whose products are 100% made with natural cold-pressed oils without animal or mineral traces. In any case, always pay attention to the materials indicated in the "technical details" of each product: if you read "100% vegetable" do not run any risk!

Hi girls, this is Walter. Since I've been a little stressed lately, I'm looking for a delaying gel or cream to postpone ejaculation. So far I've only tried delaying condoms but they haven't worked much, this would be my first time with an alternative product. Any advice? Most importantly, how do you use it? Do you have to let it absorb or can you put it on right before penetration? Thanks for your help!

Hi Walter, certainly, it happens to everyone - even women - to have uncontrolled orgasms, no panic! The most famous and used retardant is the Manhood Penis Delay by Velv'Or, to be sprayed across the entire penis, preferably already erect, with particular attention to the base and tip. Even 3-4 sprays are enough, no more, just before penetration. If, on the other hand, you are thinking of starting with foreplay and oral sex, follow these recommendations well: let the spray absorb by massaging it and keeping it in the air, wash it with a few drops of water (not running water) and dab it with a towel. It is important that your partner does not ingest the product, even though it is non-toxic. It should work, if not, we're here!

Hi. I'm writing to you because I've finally given in to anal stimulation from my girlfriend and I confess I've really enjoyed it. Now we want to try pegging and have already bought the Share XS from Fun Factory so that she can wear it and penetrate me. Could you please recommend a good lube that works, lasts a long time and doesn't get wasted all at once? Thanks!

Hi! We are happy that you want to try something new, we were among the first to talk about pegging in Italy and we are sure that, if done in the right way, you will love it! So, we would have immediately recommended any silicone lubricant (it dries less quickly, lasts longer and you only need a generous amount), but then you told us that you will use a silicone dildo and so we have to backtrack! Silicone lubricants are in fact not recommended for use in combination with sex toys made of the same material (such as the Share XS) because the combination, in the long run, can be corrosive. You can, however, fall back on anal lubricants, which you can find all under the category "lubricants" or at the limit on hybrids such as Hybrid Lubricant of the excellent brand System Jo, durable and at the same time gentle on sex toys. Let us know how it goes, at the next pegging!

Hi! I'm seeing your vibrating panties, but I don't really understand how they work: is the vibrator attached or detached? In the latter case, where does it go? The Secret Panty, for example, works at a distance? And what are the differences between the Secret Panty and the OhMiBod Massager App? Sorry for the thousands of questions, but I would like to understand if the panties are really wearable everywhere!

Hi! The lowest common denominator of the whole "vibrating panties" category is the combination of panties + mini vibrator. The latter, however, can vary greatly from model to model. The Secret Panty have a wifi remote control that, at a distance however close 2-3 meters, regulate the 10 vibrations of the bullet, which in this case, is removable. For more technological erotic games for couples, we must instead switch to the App Massager OhMiBod, which requires a smartphone with bluetooth device. Also in this case, however, the maximum distance between smartphone and vibrator must be 10 meters. If you want to play games at an even greater distance, the only one is to give up the panties and go for the We Vibe 4 Plus, a wireless vibrator to be used via app. The simplest vibrating panties ever, these yes to wear under your pants even when you're out and about, are those of Love Rider, with mini vibrator built into the panties that vibrate as soon as you click on the little black button of the bullet.

Good morning! I have been wearing a birth control ring for several months now, but I was wondering: how do I do kegel exercises with the ring? Does it interfere with the balls? I don't want to take it off on purpose, but I'm starting to get a few drops of pee when I sneeze and I don't want to start suffering from stress incontinence at such an early age (I'm 34). Help me, thanks!

Morning!!! We don't know which ring you wear or whether you introduced it or your gynecologist, but our advice is twofold: either keep the vaginal balls at the bottom, as if they were a tampon or a menstrual cup, so that they don't bump against the ring positioned just in front of the cervix (therefore at the bottom of the vaginal canal where you insert the balls), or wait for the only week in which you can take it off, provided that it is not the one in which you get your period, where doing kegel exercises would not be a problem as much physiological as hygienic. If you're the one who inserted the ring, just push it all the way in (the vaginal canal isn't infinite, so it won't get lost) and hold the balls at the bottom. Otherwise, if you are used to turn to your gynecologist, trust her, she will surely know how to advise you!

Good morning everyone! I have a problem: when I have sex with my boyfriend, I can't get lubricated. It's not that I don't get excited or that he doesn't give me confidence, on the contrary, he is very gentle and patient, but there is no way, my vagina is always too dry. Penetration is therefore always very tiring and uncomfortable, to the point that twice I've had small abrasions that made me bleed a little. I tried with almond oil and Play Eternal that I already had at home, but he does not like to stay then all sticky, the series that just decreases the desire. What do you recommend I use without resorting immediately to drastic solutions?

Hi! Obviously it depends on the duration and intensity of the discomfort, but there are still many ways to try before running to the sexologist/psychologist. Have you ever thought, for example, the choice of a vaginal lubricant? There are some very good ones, such as the all-natural ones by Intimate Organics, in particular the Organic G-Spot Stimulating Gel and the Tightening Pleasure Gel for the vaginal muscles, or the Solution series by Zini with L-Arginine to elasticize the walls. In the "vaginal lubricants" section, you can choose together what's right for you, at least that their water-based formula is non-greasy and non-sticky. If that's not enough, we recommend Lowe's Aurora pocket laser, perhaps a bit expensive but revolutionary: just point it at your labia minora and labia majora for a few minutes to reactivate circulation and get you better prepared for penetration. We hope we've been helpful!

Hello everyone, I've been vegan for about two years but I'm just now asking myself this question because until a few weeks ago I was in a stable relationship in which no contraceptive method was used. Could you point me to products that I can use for sure? Or at least what and where to look? For me it is very important not only that they are latex-free, but also that they are not tested on animals. Thank you very much!

Hi! Not only legitimate but also very interesting question, thank you for posting it! So, as far as condoms go, you're on the safe side with latex-free ones, explicitly listed under the category "latex-free condoms." As for sex toys, however, are fine all those in 100% medical silicone (if you choose Lelo or Fun Factory you can be sure that they are not processed with animal fats), SexArtStudio dildos made of wood handmade by Italian artist Jan Incoronato or tempered glass dildos of Gläs. Cosmetics (kissables, shower gels, oil candles) need extra attention, but there are many that can do the trick for you, such as Shunga's Organic Oils for erotic massage, Bioglide's 100% organic and vegan-friendly lubricants, and those from Intimate Organics. Otherwise, there's Viamax's Organic Glide and System Jo's Organic Lubricant. There would be others too, but on these you can be 100% sure that you respect every living thing, starting with yourself!

Hi all! I'd like to buy a harness to use with my partner, but it's very important that it's open in the back so that we can swap and have anal sex safely without having to unbuckle, take off, etc. I was looking at the Ooh! Strap On Harness from Faire Hommage, but I can't figure out two things: if the back leaves the butt completely uncovered and if you need to buy a dildo or a vibrator of the exact size of the circle in the middle. Can you guys help me out?

Hi. The harness you were looking at is excellent for a number of reasons: it is made of real leather so it is very delicate on the body, it is very thin and ergonomic so it avoids the harness-effect by resembling a thong, and it has two rings of different diameters to be removed in a very practical and fast way through the Velcro closures. As for the dildos to choose from, instead, we recommend two ways: either you buy the harness first and then, based on the diameter of the rings, you look at which dildos have the diameter closest to that of one of the two rings provided, or you simply choose any of the strap-on dildos or wearable phalluses that you find on the site. The size of the rings are fairly standard, or calibrated on the average diameter of most dildos on the market. The dildos are also made of silicone and therefore quite elastic, it should not be a problem to insert them in a stable manner at least in one of the two rings. We hope we have been useful, see you soon!

Hi girls!!! I'm a little ashamed of this but I'm 18 and I'm still a virgin, meaning I've never had penetrative sex. So far I've always touched, or let myself touch, my clitoris, but I'm looking for something else that can also prepare me for penetration. In fact, the reason I always put off my first time is that I'm terrified of physical pain and so I'm always contracted. What is the right sex toy to "pave" the way for me? Thanks for your help!

Hi dear! But what shame, at your age, no matter what your friends say, it's normal to be a virgin. If you have been trying for years but you can't do it because you are too tense, then this is another matter. There are certainly sex toys that can help you to prepare yourself not so much physically as psychologically to the entrance of a foreign body, but we avoid recommending those too thick, because it is imperative to proceed step by step to avoid unnecessary harm. The mini vibrators, for example, which are smaller, compact and tend to be less powerful, are the most suitable to begin to penetrate gently. Let's say that the process is: clitoral vibrator for external stimulation, mini vibrator for internal stimulation and only later the classic vibrator. We recommend you start with Discover by Lovelife by OhMiBod or Ipo by Pico Bong, specifically designed for girls who want a softer approach to pleasure. Oh, and don't forget: never forget the lubricant, in your case vaginal lubricant is best, as it's gentler. Put some on your vaginal lips and vibrator and.... let us know how it goes!

Hello, some time ago I bought from you a rabbit vibrator, specifically Amorino by Fun Factory, and I was wondering if it could also be good for anal penetration. I read on your site that, for safety reasons, the ideal would be that the vibrator has the base wider than the body so as not to risk slipping inside the anus, right? If that's the case, the rabbit vibrator would have a base that hinders its full insertion, so I can't use mine? Thanks for the reply!

Hi! You are absolutely right that the rabbit vibrator is not in danger of slipping inside the anus because of the shorter clitoral stimulator placed near the base that actually acts as a "block", but you recognize a valid rabbit vibrator for your purpose from one that is not by the distance between the central body and the one devoted to clitoral stimulation: if too short, in fact, allows you to insert into the anus only the tip of the central body and not the whole vibrator all the way, and this is because the design of the rabbit is studied on the female vaginal anatomy. Anal vibrators, on the other hand, are long and have no other arms or extensions that hinder their insertion up to the handle (where, however, there is the safety base that prevents the effect-supposed). In the case of anal vibrators with prostate stimulator attached, however, there is a shorter arm, but very thin and made a ball, however, different from that of the rabbit (see Pearly or Stubby, always Fun Factory). In conclusion, the rabbit vibrator is not ideal for satisfactory anal sex, but even if you try nothing happens, you may find that for your anatomy is fine!

Hi everyone!!! I'm looking for a vibrator that I can use while I'm bathing, so to be completely submerged inside the water. In your product descriptions and technical specifications I read sometimes "waterproof", other "splash-proof", other still "waterproof", but I do not understand if they are synonymous or not. I don't want to pay 100 and more euros for a vibrator and then ruin it immediately at the first immersion without even being able to return it. Could you help me?

Hi! Yours is a question more than legitimate, because once happened to us that we could not help a customer who, not having carefully read the instructions inside the box (something that we always recommend to do despite having already read the product description on the site that is informative, but not fully comprehensive for obvious reasons of space), had immersed a toy declared splashproof. So here are the differences: while waterproof and waterproof are synonymous and denote a submersible product, splashproof means that the vibrator resists splashes, but not the total immersion. Very often, in fact, the production companies include it as a quality, when in fact they would sooner say "attention: not waterproof"! It's a bit like watches: unless they're underwater, always be wary of when somewhere it says they're water resistant, a few splashes on the dial doesn't mean you'll be in water for minutes at a time, which then ends up in the gears and you've seen what you've seen. So make sure that in the technical details it says "waterproof" (almost all the products of Lelo and Fun Factory are), otherwise goodbye tub!

Hi girls! Since my boyfriend is a fan of iPhones, iPads and the whole world of Apple, I would like to give him for Valentine's Day a vibrator that can be synchronized to the smartphone and also works at a significant distance. I read in some that they only work at a distance of 10 meters, perhaps a little 'little because we would practically be in the same room and at that point there would be little difference with a vibrating egg, right? Could you guys recommend one that will hold a longer distance? Thank you very much!

Hi! By now there are several, but it is not always clear what is the maximum distance supported. We recommend the wireless vibrator with the best performance in terms of technology and the safest in terms of quality: We Vibe 4 Plus, the wireless vibrator with WeConnect app available for iOS 7 or later (so from iPhone 4 onwards), and for Android 4.3 and later. With the WeConnect app you can choose and modulate the vibrations remotely and create new playlists to keep stored for the next use, you can also play from different continents. With We Vibe you can be sure: perhaps it is a little more expensive than the others, but it is a product of the highest level. The iPhone of vibrators, in short!

Hi everyone! I confess, I hate my period so much! There is no way I can find an easy solution: the external tampons irritate my skin, the internal ones and the cup were not recommended by my gynecologist because of ovarian cystosis, then I inquired and I learned about washable pads, but I'm a bit perplexed. Can you absorb a very large flow? You then stay all day with the wet pad? No because I don't want it to have a "diaper" effect. Thanks for the reply!

Hello and thank you! The washable pads, in this case the Lunapads, which are among the best in circulation, work exactly like normal external pads, with the difference that they can be reused and that, being 100% organic cotton, do not irritate the skin. To be more precise, they are cotton "strips" with a very thin nylon film that prevents the danger of dripping and with wings that can be attached to the panties by means of an automatic button. Just like other tampons should be replaced, so it is good to have a spare strip, and should be selected on the basis of their flow. To wash them, just soap and water, do not use bleach, which will wear them out. For the rest, these are external tampons in all respects with the advantage of being hygienic, economical and ecological. It's worth a try!

Hello! I'd like to buy a cockring but I'm very conflicted: even if I read the diameter size and compare it with my penis size, I'm still afraid that it will fit me tight and give me some unwanted accidents, I wouldn't want to end up in ER - All about sex! I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac, but I've heard that because of a joke like that, priapism can also come! Please be as honest as possible....

Good morning to you! We confess that this is one of the most common concerns, so we take the opportunity to reassure you and all others who in the past have asked the same question: the cockrings or phallic rings are made of medical grade extra-flexible silicone, just to enlarge if necessary and adhere to the penis enough to hold it without suffocating it. The measurements are usually calibrated on those of an average penis, so if you know you have a penis with a very large diameter, we recommend that you take a tape measure and proceed with the measurements until you find the cockring closer to your size. As for priapism, these are borderline situations perhaps due to a pre-existing disease or exaggeratedly risky forcing, the cockring should be worn with the penis erect and with a little 'lubricant, you understand immediately if it enters or not. The material, however, is not rigid, so you can enlarge it up to 1-1.5 cm in diameter without contraindications! Choose with confidence, then if it does not fit, you can always make the return!

Hello, I am Luca and I am writing from the province of Palermo. The country where I live is very small and when I have to buy condoms or I have to make do with the pharmacy or, to find some variety, I have to drive to the nearest center. For this reason I would be very tempted by the idea of buying condoms online, but I would like to understand if there is a minimum number of pieces for the purchase and if the delivery time is very long. Thanks!

Hi Luca, thanks for writing! The idea of buying condoms online is great, and we're not just saying this to throw water to our mill: ordering condoms online means having a huge choice, and having plenty of time to compare products and prices without having to wait for the old lady who is in line at the pharmacy behind you to buy blood pressure pills! Ordering on MySecretCase there is no minimum number of pieces, although what we recommend is to make an order that allows you to amortize shipping costs (it does not make much sense to pay 3.90 € on an order of 6.90 €, for example!), maybe buying both condoms that you are used to use and with which you are comfortable, or something different that you are curious about. And if you complete your order by 2pm, your anonymous package will be with you in 48 hours. So come on, don't be shy, try the thrill of buying condoms'll see you can't do without them anymore!

Hello to the whole MySecretCase team!

I am an almost customer of yours. I say "almost" because for a few days I've been trying to choose a sex toy to buy, but there is a basic doubt that grips me: but the vibrating ring, how does it work? I mean, I seem to understand pretty clearly what its function is, and in fact I'd like to get one to last a little longer. But what's not clear to me is just how to use the vibrating ring and how to put the vibrating ring on. Could you guys give me some pointers? Then I'll make up my mind to buy one, promise!

Dear Giulio,
you did very well to write to us! It is normal not to have clear ideas about sex toys, especially if you have never tried one. Vibrating rings are a great way to enter the world of sex toys, because they are effective and stimulating, but they are nothing too "invasive". As you said, a vibrating ring helps to prolong the duration of the erection, but in addition with its vibrations stimulates both the penis and clitoris and vulva: highly recommended! As for your other doubts, that is, how to put the vibrating ring and how to use the vibrating ring, we can reassure you: it is easier done than said. You must wear the vibrating ring when the penis is erect, inserting it at the base of the penis and keeping the part that contains the vibrating bullet facing upwards, because it will be the one that will rest on the clitoris during intercourse. At this point all you have to do is start the vibrations by pressing the power button or, if you decide to buy a vibrating ring of the latest generation (such as the new Lifeguard by PicoBong), activating it through the app. We hope we have been useful, now we are waiting for your order ... or your request for further clarification!

Hello, I am Marina and I am writing from Catania. I have always used Control condoms, because both my partner and I get along very well. For some time I have been suffering from vaginal dryness and therefore I would like to start using a lubricant. But how do I use a Control lubricant? Should it be put on the condom or on the vagina? In what quantity? Thank you!

Dear Marina, thank you for writing to us. The Control Lubricant is used like all other lubricants: it can be applied on the penis (after wearing the condom properly, please!) or on the outside of the vagina, both before and during intercourse. The function of the Control lubricant is in fact to facilitate penetration, reducing friction and the resulting discomfort. As for the quantities, it depends on you: a walnut may be enough, but if you want a more "smooth" feeling you can also abound, or add more during intercourse. Now that you understand how to use the Control lubricant, don't wait to use it: try the Pleasure Gel Aloe, water-based and soothing thanks to Aloe Vera, designed specifically for cases of vaginal dryness!

Hello, my name is Laura and I am writing from Milan. I tried to search a bit in the site but I was left with a doubt: what are Chinese balls? Are they vaginal balls or are they something different? I've heard about them as a tool for pleasure, but from what I read among your products the vaginal balls are mainly for health ... so I was even more doubtful that they are different things. Thank you if you would like to answer me!


Hi Laura!!! I'm sorry if reading on our site your doubts have amplified rather than diminished! The truth is that there are many names with which these small balls with multiple functions can be called: vaginal balls, vaginal balls, geisha balls, ben wa balls, kegel balls, kegel balls, Chinese balls, Chinese balls... and all these names indicate, in essence, the same thing! Chinese balls are spheres, made of steel or silicone, to be inserted into the vagina both for "fun" and for well-being: the weight they exert on the muscles of the pelvic floor, in fact, leads the pelvic muscles to contract and perform a spontaneous workout. Using them can cause pleasure, but the main effect of the vaginal balls is to gradually and effortlessly strengthen the muscles, allowing a decrease in problems related to incontinence and an increase in pleasure during sex, as well as an improvement in lubrication (the movement of small weights inside the Chinese balls increases blood circulation and, therefore, vaginal lubrication). So let's call them what we want: the important thing is to use them, especially from the age of thirty onwards!

Good evening, I would like to buy some delaying condoms because in the last period I happen to last really short in bed. I am afraid, however, that they hurt. I would like to know how delaying condoms work and what substances they contain, and if they are harmful to health. Thanks, Luciano

Good evening Luciano. Retardant condoms contain an anesthetic, which has the purpose of "sleeping" slightly the penis, decreasing its sensitivity and thus prolonging the duration of the erection. Very often, in fact, the very fast achievement of ejaculation is due to a heightened sensitivity of the penis, especially in certain areas, such as the tip. A delaying condom, with its light content of benzocaine or lidocaine, anesthetizes the penis in a very mild form, allowing to postpone the moment of the climax of pleasure. If used occasionally, or continuously but only for short periods of time, delaying condoms are not dangerous to health and do not present contraindications. Our advice is to buy a pack, choosing from the most reliable brands that we have in our catalog, to see how you find. If you find them comfortable, use them in peace, but alternating their use with classic condoms, also in order to monitor your sexual performance without "help". If you should notice that the duration of your erection has decreased even further, it may be the cause to investigate more thoroughly the causes. Regards!

Hello everyone, I have already purchased a few times from your site and I congratulate you. I am writing to you because I would like to understand what Ohmibod is. Is it a vibrator? Is it an app? I've heard of it, but I've tried searching online and it's not exactly clearing my head.... I'm hoping to receive a response from you as usual! Thanks, Julie

Hi Julie!!! Thanks for the compliments and the big question! In the end, OhMiBod, what is it? OhMiBod is first and foremost the name of a brand that makes sex toys, and it has focused specifically on musical sex toys and wireless sex toys that work with apps. Its most famous female sex toys are in fact Freestyle and Original 3.0 Music, which can be connected with a jack cable to your smartphone, iPod or any other device that plays music and that vibrate to the rhythm of the selected songs, or the vibrating panties Bluemotion Nex 1 and the G-spot vibrator Bluemotion Nex 2, which work through app. Here, perhaps, is why you had some confusion about this! Through the app of the same name, you can select even more vibration modes, create custom modes, vibrate the sex toy with music, voice or surrounding noises, and most importantly have your partner control the sex toy, even remotely. Fun, right?

Hi everyone, I'm Ylenia. I am a very shy girl but also very curious, and I would love to try anal sex. My boyfriend, however, doesn't seem very interested in the subject, so I decided to do it myself. I would like to buy an anal sex toy, but I would like to know how to use an anal plug or anal dildo. Are there any special precautions to take before using one, any special preparation to follow?

Hi Ylenia, yay for curiosity! If you've never tried anal penetration, you might want to try using an anal plug rather than an anal dildo. It's usually best to proceed gradually, and increase size and length a little at a time! How to use an anal plug? Very simple: all you have to do is relax (a hot bath is great), lubricate the anus with a good anal lubricant (better to choose a water-based, if the sex toy is made of silicone!) and gently insert the butt plug in the anus, in whole or in part. Once inserted, you can move it gently, or move yourself to feel the sensations it causes you. Done! To use an anal plug there are no special instructions to follow, if not the choice of a sex toy and a high quality lubricant, and a moment of relaxation to devote only to your pleasure and your experiments!

Hello, I am Luca and I write from Taranto. I think I'm one of the few guys who wants to use a condom at all costs, but has a girlfriend who doesn't want to know. I've been with my girlfriend for a few weeks now, but she was traumatized when with her ex she happened to have a condom left inside after sex, and only with great effort was she able to remove it. Is there any way to prevent the condom from staying inside the vagina? Thanks, Luca

Good morning Luca, we are absolutely on your side: using a condom is very important, both to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases! We're sorry that your girlfriend had to find herself with a condom left inside after sex, and we can imagine the panic! Such a thing, however, only happens if the condom was not worn correctly or if one was used that was too large a size. To have safe and protected sex you just need to choose quality condoms of the right size (in our online catalog you can find classic condoms, but also XL condoms and XS condoms) and wear them following the directions, namely: place the condom on the tip of the erect penis; hold the reservoir down, unroll the condom to the base of the penis; after intercourse exit the vagina before losing the erection, holding the condom at the base. Follow these directions and you'll see, you'll be on the safe side!