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Anal sex and 2-in-1 role-playing games with Tail Plugs , or butt plugs with a tail to launch into an indomitable and wild sexuality but no less safe! With the anal tail, perfect to wear even for hours, you will get two effects: you will amaze your him and you will enjoy an intense and continuous anal stimulation thanks to their design specifically designed to insert it in an easy and painless way. Try the new F ox Tail Butt Plug with aluminum anal plug and soft tail in fake fox or bunny fur and play anal stimulation with an animalier look: entering the dense forest of your erotic fantasies will not be never been so sexy! Only on the sex shop for couples most loved in Italy.


    Anal sex with that something extra? Soon done with tail plugs, or rather anal toys with tail attached. The idea makes you smile, right? Yes, because the tail plugs can be sexy, bold and fun at the same time, perfect for ironic couples as well as for "animalistic" couples. Their composition is as follows: a plug of maximum 7-8 cm in length in aluminum, steel or more rarely in silicone from the base of which starts a thick tail of fake hair to please animal lovers and not. The complete insertion of the tail plug will transform the wearer into a fantastic creature between myth and legend suspended between the human and animal world. To make room for your wildest fantasies, indeed, "wild"!


    Some plugs are so small that keeping them on even before foreplay is really a girl's game. Just equip yourself with anal lubricant, then the hybrid formula or silicone, sprinkle it on the plug and the anus and slowly introduce it in the desired point. If you follow these directions carefully, you won't feel any pain, I promise! Now imagine being found naked with only this on: your man will be delighted. The ill-minded will cry zoophilia, but do not listen to them: a butt plug with a tail is one of the most popular sexy must-haves of the last year for its combination of fantasy and transgression. In fact, with the butt plug with tail the game is double: anal stimulation is combined with role play for an inimitable erotic mix!


    Among the tail plugs (or plug tail, as you like) a special mention goes to the famous Fox Tail, at first a simple name of a product now become representative of an entire category of plug tails with hairy tail. In most cases, fortunately for MySecretCase and its green spirit, it is only fake hair: brown, blond, red, black, silver, white, iridiscent or even fluorescent, for the most fashionable. At the base of the aluminum plug is in fact attached a tail similar to that of a fox, sometimes even a bunny or a chinchilla, with more or less realistic colors, depending on whether you want to evoke a more feral or mythological figure. The width always changes, starting from the thickest and flashiest tail until you get to the white wad of a bunny, certainly recommended for a real playmate look.


    The plug tail or tail plug are absolutely the best way to experience more fantasies at the same time: the role play with the provocative sexy accessory and anal sex with the insertion and extraction of the plug until orgasm is reached. The anal stimulation, then, tantalizing in itself, is now covered with a special mantle: a soft and fluffy tail to use as a feather for tickling or try to grab to tame even the most untamed partner. Enter the dense forest of your fantasies sneaking from one practice to another with the tail plug, the practical, fast, but above all super-sexy solution, to have fun together like never before!


    Born in America but developed in Japan, cosplay or cosplaying is increasingly in vogue and not only among otaku and hentai. The BDSM has drawn heavily, with interesting additions and reinterpretations in terms of sex toys and sexy accessories. Among all the anal tail, the anal toy absolutely most loved by cosplayers around the world. If at first it was made of real fox, chinchilla and mink fur, with time and the protests of animal rights activists, new materials have been thought of, such as faux fur, or horsehair, black or colored, to make the tail more attractive.

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