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When, where and why to choose a vaginal lubricant ? Now and on MySecretCase , to grant you an easy and painless vaginal penetration able to lead you, always and in any case, even towards the more inaccessible point G . With vaginal lubricants with water, natural and exciting , vaginal dryness, hypersensitivity and anorgasmia will no longer be a problem. At least until the end of the bottle.

    31 products


    Specifically designed to facilitate vaginal penetration by taking care of the most intimate female erogenous zones, they have a delicate formula, compatible with the natural pH of the vaginal mucous membranes, combines with a fluid and light texture designed to blend with the natural lubrication of the vagina without greasy and sticky. Indispensable in case of hypersensitivity or vaginal dryness, or to give an extra boost to your romantic night.


    There are as many as there are types of women: from the ecologist to the femme fatale, from the exotic to the more mature. The natural lubricants, for example, completely free of parabens, silicones and other potentially corrosive chemical additives, are the best choice for those who love to be pampered by ingredients and essential oils 100% organic, Durex Play, however, are a great classic of lubrication sweeter and lighter, suitable even only as an erotic body massage; impossible to resist the lubricants Mixgliss fragrant vanilla and wild strawberries or the last frontier of lubrication: the exciting lubricants with aphrodisiac essences of peppermint oil, L-arginine extract and natural lotus extracts to activate the excitement of clitoris and vagina. See YESforLOV 'sExcitement Gel or 50 Shades of Grey 's Come Alive to believe.


    Red = color of passion? Not anymore and not for MySecretCase, willing to give up its beloved pink just for the most organic green. That of Intimate Organics lubricants, to be clear, with extract of Guava and carrageenan in the case of antibacterial Defense or totally glycerin-free in the case of Hydra Lubricant. Or that of Organic Lubricant by System Jo, 100% organic with USDA organic certification. And as if that were not enough, their ultra-natural composition makes them completely compatible with latex condoms and sex toys of all materials, for an Eros that is not only more ethical and "green", but also safer and more fun!


    No time for too long and accurate foreplay and want to play it safe? No problem, now there are vaginal lubricants specifically designed to excite the clitoris and G-spot, such as Clitoris Gel by Stimul8, Organic Clit Stimulating Gel by Intimate Organics or Solution by Zini, with a dermatologically tested formula to stimulate even the least lubricated erogenous zones. The latest addition? Med Warming Glide by Pjur, made with natural lotus extract, flavonoids and vitamin C to release a momentary sensation of gentle yet enveloping warmth on the skin.
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