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One of the most popular practices of bondage and BDSM newbies and experts is gagging , that is the limitation of the word imposed by the master on the servant through the use of specific accessories: gag and ball gag . Elegant and retro like the Mouth Gag by 50 Shades of Gray , or fetish like the Solid Ball Gag by Sex & Mischief : discover the assortment of accessories for gagging by MySecretCase, to enjoy this silent pleasure in complete safety.


    Gagging is one of the most popular and widespread BDSM practices among bondageurs that consists in gagging or obstructing the mouth with an object/instrument that prevents you from speaking. If approached in the right way, then in terms of equal exchange and not unilateral submission, this is a practice designed to try other ways of expression that do not necessarily involve the use of words. You can moan, play with your gaze, sharpen your touch, focus on your body, with or without the use of other bondage accessories specially designed to enrich this practice of trust and total surrender. For this reason we have chosen the most suitable and safest tools, the ball gags or gag balls, ideal for having fun and loving each other without incurring in unpleasant accidents related to the use of amateur objects.


    While the gags, in general, do not assume the presence of a ball in the center that fully obstructs the mouth but can also consist of simple elastic gags or reinforced, the ball gags have a ball, solid or hollow that is, designed to completely prevent the possibility of articulating words or phrases. This makes gagging even more intense because it prevents verbal communication in favor of non-verbal communication. Usually combined with the hogtie position that provides for the binding of wrists, arms and ankles, sometimes have head harnesses to immobilize the head or "muzzles" more complex, but our favorites are the simplest to wear in soft bondage.


    MySecretCase ball gags feature only 100% skin-safe materials: medical grade silicone balls and premium fabrics that are gentle on lips and cheeks. The balls have a diameter of no more than 5 cm to avoid incidents that could undermine the safety and well-being of the user. The opening of the jaw will therefore be contained to avoid unnecessary pain for a healthy and engaging couple's fun. When it comes to gag ball, moreover, we make two distinctions: mouth gag with ballgag pierced, for beginners and for those who, in general, want to avoid in any way the risk of suffocation, and mouth gag with ballgag full, tends to be smaller in diameter, for a gagging naked and pure.


    The beautiful gag from the prestigious Red Room Collection of 50 Shades of Grey, made of genuine leather with bronze embossing and brass details, is not our only diamond gem. Scandal's Ball Gag, with a black ball in medical silicone and elegant jacquard fabric band to tie around the head, and Fetish Fantasy's Gold Ball Black, with a slender black gold-plated strap, are among the most loved by newbies and professionals alike. For an even more delicious sensory stimulation, the Mouth Gag with Clamps, also by Scandal, whose nipple clamps give the game an even more kinky touch, is a must.


    Often ballgags are connected by chains, sometimes removable sometimes not, to two metal nipple clamps with rubber coated clamps to pinch the erogenous zone during gagging. A very fortunate combination that excites both master and submissive, both newcomers and experienced. The nipple clamps have a small wheel at the edges to calibrate the pressure and impart a more or less strong stimulation. Not only clamps but also masks, such as in the Masquerade Mask Ball Gag by Fetish Fantasy, with a patent leather mask matched to the ballgag for an even more sophisticated look, or body harnesses, such as the Gag&Nipple Clamps always by Fetish Fantasy, with open and studded bra for a real scuba diver outfit.


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