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100% hygiene before anal sex? Nothing could be simpler, with enema , enemas and anal pearls ! Choose the product for intestinal washing or the anal lavender that suits you best: a simple anal shower or a deeper enema ? Discover our instructions on how to do an enema and how to do a vaginal douch, in case of unpleasant "hitches" such as candida. The quality products for hygiene and wellness are only on MySecretCase.


    The enema, English translation of "enema" or "peretta", is the instrument deputed, depending on the volume of liquid that is able to contain, anal cleansing or washing bowel DIY. It can be in the form of a perette or pump or equipped with a bag and a small rubber tube, have a sanitizing purpose (before anal sex) or evacuation (intestinal cleansing for colonoscopy or other diagnostic tests). The operation of the evacuation enema is simple: just fill it with the solution purchased at the pharmacy or made at home, lubricate the cannula with a little anal lubricant or water and insert it into the anus by pressing the pump for up to 5-10 minutes. After letting it work for a few moments, the urge to evacuate will be natural and the rectal and colon cleansing will be complete and accurate. From Nexus to Jonplast, MySecretCase anal showers are made of pharmaceutical grade silicone or natural rubber and are 100% safe on skin and internal mucous membranes to prevent irritation and redness.


    Also thanks to yoga, natural bowel cleansing for the purpose of purification or whole bowel cleansing is a practice that is gaining popularity among men and women of all ages. This is in addition to anal lavage, for which is sufficient a small anal perette, and rectal cleansing of the lower colon for which, however, you need an enema or enterocyst medium. In all cases here is how to make an enema: fill the enema with the solution; protect the bed with a tarp; position yourself lying on your left side with your right leg flexed; lubricate the cannula with water-soluble anal lubricant; separate the buttocks and insert the cannula into the anus; press several times for 5-10 minutes until the liquid runs out and stop immediately if there are cramps or other pains; remove the cannula and hold the buttocks for 2-3 minutes to keep the water from coming out; evacuate to the bathroom. Before performing the anus and bowel cleansing, evaluate with your primary care physician how to proceed and ask the pharmacist for advice on the type of liquid. Avoid homemade solutions such as coffee enema unless made by a medical professional.


    The anal perette, recognizable from all other evacuation systems because of the lack of bags and tubes, is most suitable in case of quick anal shower before intercourse to remove from the anus and rectal ampulla potentially dangerous bacteria during ano-genital contact. The travel enterocytes, instead, beyond the practicality of the resealable package that contains the whole kit for the intestinal washing, presupposes a deeper cleaning of the colon for which a slightly longer procedure is required. In fact, it is necessary to lie down on the bed, pour the solution into the bag, hang it up, regulate the pressure through the valve on the small tube, insert the cannula in the small tube and then the cannula in the anus after adequate lubrication. Only after finishing the liquid in the bag you can evacuate to the bathroom and get rid of bacteria, fecal residues and toxins. Both are effective, but evaluate which one to choose based on your goal: anal sex or colon cleansing?


    In case you want to be always ready for a complete intimate hygiene, there are perette, enteroclysms and clisopompes with a double cannula, a narrow and thick one for the vagina and the other, short and thin, for the anus. Just replace the cannula to enjoy an anal cleansing or a natural vaginal lavage depending on the situation. Vaginal douche works a bit like an enema: sit open-legged on the bidet, insert the perette through the cannula and press for 5 minutes to rinse and cleanse the vagina. Vaginal lavage for candida requires specific solutions for which the con

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