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Designed to pinch the nipples in direct form, that is, without waiting for the partner's intervention, the forceps nipples (or nipple clamps) , often consisting of metal hooks more or less adjustable by small screws placed on the hook itself, are the most daring accessories for nipples, usually combined with a fetish underwear . While some have charms or pendants in the shape of a pompom, bow or butterfly, others are connected by metal chains to which you can possibly hang other accessories. Do not miss those of 50 Shades of Gray and Fetish Fantasy .

    17 products
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    The nipple clamps are clamps to tighten on the nipples to add a touch of exciting boldness to your foreplay. To be worn during the sexual act to stimulate one of the most important female erogenous zones and reach an orgasm sooner and more intensely, the clamps can be more or less sophisticated: with or without charms, feathers, jewelry and screws to adjust the hooks, there are all kinds. Some are even electrostimulating, like the Barry Bite by Mystim, or vibrating, like the Doplet Necklace by Crave.


    Female nipples are one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the body, and one of the most responsive to pleasure stimuli. Not surprisingly, an inturgitated nipple is an almost unmistakable sign of erotic tension. Using instruments of pleasant torture in pure bondage and BDSM style as the nipple clamps you will get a stimulation between pleasure and pain all special and to be experienced. And don't forget that for men too, nipples are an erogenous zone definitely worth exploring...


    Depending on their conformation, nipple clamps can be more or less burlesque, bondage and fetish. In fact, these are sexy accessories usually used within more extensive and articulated sexual practices, perhaps in combination with spanking paddles, masks and blindfolding bandages, tickling quilts, gags, cuffs and bondage handcuffs. In many models, especially those of Fetish Fantasy, it is possible to tighten or widen the screws placed on the two clamps to obtain a more or less acute pinching sensation. The hard evolution of the most innocent nipples.


    The undisputed king of nipple clamps? Fetish Fantasy, which with its customizable chains and its butterfly, pom-pom and bullet pendants, sometimes even complete with gag, offers an endless variety of types to choose from. If, on the other hand, you want to reserve the right to choose whether to use them as clamps or as jewelry to be worn in everyday life, Crave is the solution! For lovers of 50 Shades of Grey, instead, never again without The Pinch and Pleasure and Pain, Anastasia Steele's nipple clamps!

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