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Object of well-being and pleasure, these are sex toys dedicated to the practice of Kegel exercises and to the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor . Available in several versions, in silicone or metal, with one, two or three balls, the Geisha Balls are the necessary step for every woman who wants to take care of her femininity starting from the muscles of one of her most important erogenous zones: the vagina. The results of pelvic gymnastics are extraordinary: reduction of stress incontinence and intensification of orgasm. The most loved? Le Luna Beads by Lelo .

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    Vaginal balls: what they are and what they are used for

    Vaginal balls also called vaginal balls are small training devices to strengthen the vaginal muscles. They consist of two outer spheres, empty inside and containing weights of different weights, usually made of metal or silicone. They may have an attached strap that facilitates removal. Vaginal balls are not really classified as sex toys although they can help you get more pleasure. Vaginal balls are primarily medical wellness tools, the trainers of the female pelvic floor, which is a bundle of muscles that supports the internal organs: uterus, bladder, urethra and rectum. A well-trained pelvic floor reduces the risks of urinary incontinence, makes the muscles more elastic in preparation for childbirth or pregnancy, provides greater sensitivity during sex and therefore a greater ability to reach orgasm. The woman is able to tighten the muscles better and the man experiences a feeling of greater tension around the penis. The shape itself can be very arousing for some women.

    Vaginal balls: models to buy online

    These balls for the vagina, just because all women are different, are available online in various materials, number of balls, weight, shape and size. A woman's needs change according to age and body! From the age of thirty onwards, the pelvic floor relaxes, just like the buttocks! That's why the best vaginal ball models online are primarily designed to keep your pelvic floor healthy.
    The vaginal ball kits on the MySecretCase sex shop, consist of balls of different weights so that the exercise is targeted, gradual and a real workout. Try the vaginal balls of MySecretCase a kit of 6 vaginal balls with an elongated shape that resembles the vaginal cones, to facilitate the insertion and holding in the vagina without discomfort. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more round shape of kegel balls, there is the geisha balls set, 4 balls each with a different weight, from 50g to 100g. If you want to know what you know about your pelvic floor before making an online purchase take MySecretCase's pelvic floor quiz.
    When your vaginal muscles are toned you can afford to buy geisha balls in metal as well. Geisha balls is a popular term for vaginal balls and their Japanese origin. When you enter the field of pleasure vagina balls become erotic! Discover in the online catalog vibrating balls, vaginal balls made of glass or metal, vaginal balls made of surgical steel.
    Vaginal balls made of metal or steel want a strong perineum that can support more weight. Vibrating vaginal balls, on the other hand, look a lot like a vibrating egg and also exist in remote controlled or wi-fi versions. They are also used in pairs but are in fact sex toys because they lack the inner workings of the weights.

    The vaginal balls of 50 Shades of Grey

    They are small and shiny vaginal balls of about 230 g. Become famous after Anastasia uses them in the movie 50 Shades, are part of a collection signed Fifty Shades. Ana inserts the vaginal beads in her vagina before going with Mr Grey to a formal event; wearing the geisha beads gives her pleasure every time she laughs or coughs. Since then they have become the erotic balls, the erotic marbles that every woman would love to wear before going to dinner for tantalizing couple's erotic games. Discover MySecretCase the balls 50 shades of pink!

    Kegel balls: intimate balls for women's health and intimacy

    From adolescence, with the appearance of the first menstruation, to menopause, with the first symptoms of pelvic prolapse, decreased libido or thinning of the pubic hair, knowing how to understand the signals of your body and respond with the right measures, is essential for a fully lived femininity. It is important to know that there are valid alternatives to external tampons such as the menstrual cup or that do-it-yourself pelvic gymnastics can increase pleasure and reduce pain during childbirth. Vaginal balls are really able to solve many of the problems related to the female intimate areas (such as dyspareunia or urinary incontinence), as well as a specific intimate vaginal gel can be enough to counteract vaginal dryness.

    Know the pelvic floor before buying vaginal balls

    The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles and connective tissue that provides support to the body. A relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles can cause bladder weakness and uterine depression. These are often the consequences of pregnancy. Menopause, heavy lifting or an unhealthy lifestyle can also weaken the pelvic floor.Pelvic floor muscle training is important not only for women after pregnancy, but also for prevention. Vaginal eggs are a simple, inexpensive and effective way to combat pelvic floor weakness.

    Well wa balls for postpartum

    The pelvic floor muscles stressed by pregnancy must be strengthened, because the pelvic floor just because support the uterus, bladder, rectum and urethra, supports all the weight of the baby in the 9 months. Combinable vaginal balls are perfect for new mothers of all ages. Best to discuss this in advance with your midwife to start using vaginal balls.

    Online geisha balls to use during pregnancy

    Although women mainly use their vaginal balls after giving birth, using them during an easy pregnancy is not a problem. A well-trained pelvic floor that can be controlled during childbirth, so it is advisable to use vaginal balls as a physiatric tool to prepare it. We recommend for the purchase of geisha balls to talk to your gynecologist. It is better to choose vaginal balls made of medical silicone and clean them well to avoid any risk of infection.

    How to use vaginal balls for kegel exercises

    This question is quite recurrent. There are no real risks but they should not be used if there is an ongoing vaginal infection. The use of vaginal balls is simple. They are inserted into the vagina like a tampon, it is advisable to use a very small amount of lubricant to facilitate insertion. The vaginal balls are held by the lower muscles of the vagina, if placed correctly, the internal muscles create a natural tension so they do not slip. They can't be felt inside when moving or at rest! For an effective workout you must move around wearing them during normal daily activities: shopping, showering, running or cleaning. Start with the lightest single ball and gradually increase the weight. They should be worn for about 15 minutes a day. After two to three weeks, you can see the first noticeable results. With each movement, the internal weights in the vaginal balls are set in motion and rotate. The rotation stimulates the muscles in the surrounding tissue to contract, helping them to firm up. Vaginal balls are also available with vibrators for an especially fun workout. Some vaginal balls are app-controlled and include training classes. At MySecretCase, you'll find a wide selection of vibrating and non-vibrating balls.

    Conclusions on vaginal balls

    They are objects of well-being and pleasure: for example, they strengthen and rehabilitate the pelvic floor. The benefits extend to the sensory sphere, intensifying the female and male orgasm thanks to greater responsiveness to mutual stimulation (a more toned musculature makes better sexual activity). In addition, keeping the pelvic muscles elastic and toned prepares the woman for childbirth and pregnancy. Finally, vaginal balls and their constant use prevent or reduce incontinence due to aging tissues or pregnancy.

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