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The penis pumps or penis developers are devices designed with the ambitious goal of increasing the size of the penis: they are simple and safe tools that in a short time will improve the length and girth (or both) of the penis, as well as that its ability to maintain a lasting and satisfying erection.

    Penis pump: more penis for everyone

    Brace yourselves: penis size doesn't matter! The belief that a giant dick guarantees amazing orgasms, as well as being anachronistic, is totally bogus. For us, all penises are beautiful in their own way, but it is also true that the relationship with one's trinket is highly personal and influenced by the culture in which we live. So, if you don't particularly appreciate yours, let me give you two pieces of advice:

    1. stop comparing what you have in your underpants to that of super-doctored porn actors, it's not helpful to anyone and above all they make movies, you live real life;
    2. try our penis developers or penis pumps: they are simple and safe tools that can increase in a short time the length and girth of your penis, as well as its ability to maintain a lasting and satisfactory erection.

    Penis pump: what it is

    Penis pumps or penis developers are devices designed with the ambitious goal of increasing the size of the penis: they are simple and safe tools that in a short time will improve the length and girth (or both) of the penis, as well as its ability to maintain a lasting and satisfactory erection. The best known and most widely used tool is the so-called penis pump or power pump. But what is it in practice? It is a stimulator of the penis and its tissues that is worn on the member and mechanically helps to strengthen the penis and its erectile capacity and power.

    How the penis pump works

    Penis developer works with a mechanism similar to the one that regulates male erection and blood flow variation. A penis developer is not just a simple "penis pump" but a tool that also enhances and prolongs your erection and will allow you to say goodbye to performance anxiety. Let's see how: the penis is composed of a spongy body (i.e. the urethra), which regulates the expulsion of urine and semen, and two corpora cavernosa, which due to excitement fill with blood and give rise to the erection. The elongation pump works with a twofold movement, rather intuitive: first it creates a "vacuum" effect (which comes from the emptying of water or air contained in the pump); this suction on the penis increases the flow of blood into the corpora cavernosa and keeps it there, increasing the volume of the member. This increase in length and diameter is not only momentary, but is maintained and enhanced over time with constant use of the penis pump. The corpora cavernosa over time increase their ability to flow and hold more blood, and the tissues surrounding them also become more toned and voluminous, both in an erection and at rest.

    Who the penis pump is for

    Penile extenders work when used regularly and consistently, especially for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. You can in fact use the pump as a "fitness" tool - as vaginal balls are for women - to increase the size and performance of the penis, but also as a "rehabilitative" tool for a more reliable erection and longer duration during penetrative intercourse. The penis developer, in fact, modifies the size of the penis because it enhances its structure, and this has positive repercussions on functionality. The corpora cavernosa, which with the use of the pump are able to hold more blood for longer, not only give the penis a more "massive" appearance, but also enhance its erection, both in terms of quality and duration. Obviously, the penis developer cannot replace the consultation of a specialist, but it is useful in all those cases where erectile dysfunction is compromised by a slight psychological discomfort.

    Different types of penis pumps: air, water and vacuum pumps

    Among sex toys, the most popular penis stimulator is the vacuum pump - or penis vacuum pump - for the effective vacuum effect it creates. For the past few years, however, water pumps have become popular, which are safer and more delicate, but just as functional. The vacuum pump on the penis is more difficult to manage, because it is based on a mechanism of subtraction of air that can be painful and lead, if not well used, to unpleasant inconveniences, such as pain, bruising and rupture of capillaries. If used correctly, however, vacuum pumps lead to the progressive and visible lengthening of the penis. Water pumps, on the other hand, should be filled with warm, lukewarm water: once the penis is inserted, the excess water should be drained off to increase pressure and induce an erection. The materials for the penis developer pump vary greatly in strength, weight and resistance: the most widely used is definitely the transparent polycarbonate to better appreciate the transformation of the penis. Some pumps are equipped with systems that detect the pressure on a digital display while others have micro-reliefs inside that make the treatment an even more pleasant massage.

    How to use the penis pump

    The penis pump to lengthen the penis should be placed on the member at rest. Pressing the base towards the body creates a partial vacuum inside the pump, which triggers the flow of blood and thus the erection. The extent of the vacuum effect can be adjusted by acting on the valves or by pressing further towards the base, with a movement reminiscent of masturbation. The erection thus obtained should be maintained for a time ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, after which it is necessary to remove the pump. Slight differences in use are given by the fact of being in the presence of a pump to enlarge the penis by air or a water pump, a manual or an "electric" one. Since these are tools that come into contact with one of your most delicate body parts, it is very important to strictly adhere to the directions, especially those that explain how to use the vacuum pump on your penis. To the penis developer you can combine techniques such as clamping (or constriction) of the penis using special rings, or stretching exercises such as jelqing that works by massaging the surface tissues of the penis that swell as a result of specific manipulations.

    How to store it correctly

    To properly store the pump, it is essential to clean it with soap and water and a special toy cleaner after each use. In any case, it is advisable to carefully follow the instructions provided by each company.

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