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"The spanking paddles are palettes in suede, leather and imitation leather specially designed to practice one of the most famous trends of recent years: spanking, or the art of spanking recently relaunched by the novel and the film "50 Shades of Gray". The most captivating? The Spank Me Please ruler by 50 Shades of Gray and the Picture Perfect Paddle by Bettie Page . Do not miss the sadomasochistic whips in suede fringes, including Sensua by Lelo ."
    30 products

    Whips and Paddles: everything you need to know

    An S&M whip is more than just a sexy whip to show off with your CatWoman jumpsuit. If used correctly, S&M whips are tools of submission that take your BDSM session to another level of pleasure: there is nothing sexier than a partner who takes off the innocent clothes of everyday life and wears those of the dominator, in a spirit of play and complicity. In our shop, in addition to S&M whips and other domination accessories, you will find a wide selection of spanking paddles, or paddles for spanking, an accessory much loved by those who love to wear the red sign of love on their skin.

    The S&M whip: what is it?

    The sexy whip is usually an accessory consisting of a handle with a solid grip and an end equipped with laces, usually leather, of various lengths. The sado whip allows you to tickle or hit the skin of your partner, arousing sensations that range from imperceptible thrill to the sublime pain of the lash. Another must-have accessory for those who practice S&M are the spanking paddles: they are paddles with a rigid or semi-rigid support in suede, leather and imitation leather specially designed to practice one of the most popular trends of recent years: spanking, or the art of spanking relaunched by the extraordinary success of the novel and movie"50 Shades of Grey". There are also interesting hybrids between the whip and the paddle that can be used in a versatile way either to hit with a fringed end, or to leave a love mark on the naughty buttocks.

    S&M whip and paddle for spanking: all models sex

    The S&M whip
    you can find whips of various lengths, textures and materials. From the classic "sex whip" in leather to the sophisticated whip-jewel to be worn around the neck to highlight the breast, to be removed at the appropriate time. The whip is truly the most versatile accessory for your kink. For the more sensitive we also have the whips in faux leather and soft silicone.

    with the paddle you can spank more or less gently the buttocks, nipples or clitoris of the partner providing a mixture of pain, relief and desire, introducing in the erotic game of couples a new element, delicious and tantalizing. If you are the type that loves to play we also have paddle with which you can even "write" words or draw shapes with the redness of the buttocks of the partner.

    How much does an S&M riding crop cost

    The S&M whip is an accessory that varies greatly in price depending on the type of design and material, but on MySecretCase you will find the right whip to subdue your partner and your wallet. You can choose between the convenience of bondage kits, which allow you to try everything for less or explore the outlet section where you can also find deluxe offers at very low cost.

    The S&M whip: who it's for

    You don't have to be a certified Master to administer a few energetic lashes or titillate your partner with a certain impertinence. Our whips ensure maximum safety in the handle: some even have an additional strap for a firmer grip. Even the most inexperienced can hold a whip and take their first steps in S&M, perhaps proceeding step by step. Start by tickling the skin and staying in communication with your partner. You can then proceed with light strokes and intensify the vigor of the lash by choosing "safe" points such as the back or the buttocks and then moving on to more sensitive areas such as the breast.

    Whips: care and conservation

    As with any of our toys, proper care and maintenance of the S&M whip goes through thorough cleaning after each sexy session. The whip - made of leather and leatherette - can be cleaned with warm water and soap but the important thing is not to use detergents that contain perfume or that leave residues. Fundamental is the drying: no direct exposure to the sun or hair dryer.

    Whips: the best you can find them from us

    On MySecretCase you can find everything from bold leatherette paddles by Bettie Page to elegant sadomasochistic leather and suede whips by Lelo and Bijoux Indiscrets. Not to be missed, the new Red Room Collection, the latest luxury bondage collection of 50 Shades of Grey, where paddles, whips and bondage and S&M whips are made of leather with bronze and brass details for vigorous but always sensitive strokes on the skin. The most eye-catching? The Spank Me Please ruler from 50 Shades of Grey and the Picture Perfect Paddle from Bettie Page. Not to be missed are the S&M whips in suede fringe, including Sensua by Lelo.

    A brief history of spanking

    Thefirst ante litteram spanking can be found in the "Tomb of the Floggings" in Tarquinia, or a series of Etruscan tomb inscriptions dated around 500 BC. In the Neronian era it was then the turn of Petronius' Satyricon, where scenes of anal sex and petty punitive practices alternate. Then it was dark, until spanking with BDSM whips did not re-emerge in the Enlightenment era with Rousseau's Confessions. As a child, in fact, the philosopher had been spanked by a maid and he enjoyed the experience so much that he ended up looking for it all his life. It goes without saying that the Marquis De Sade was a great devotee of this practice and he also wrote about it in Justine, his most driven and controversial novel. From then on the success of spanking was unstoppable, especially in art, music and cinema: between the painter Max Ernst, the songwriter George Brassens and the illustrator Milo Manara, the '900 was a continuous spanking until today, the era, whether you like it or not, of 50 Shades of Grey.

    Spanking according to Milo Manara

    In his graphic novel "Il Gioco" (The Game) Milo Manara illustrated the erotic adventures of the protagonist Claudia Cristiani, induced despite herself to experiment with the most daring sexual practices, including spanking. That's why the brand Love to Love has asked the famous master of art to illustrate its kits for spanking. The most beloved? Play&Spank, the dice to play how many spankings to give during foreplay, and the Art De La Fessée, complete with dice, tasty coconut powder "Spank Me Baby" and soothing cream "Girls don't cry", perfect for spanking innocently mischievous!

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