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The anal beads are very special anal toys. With their practical and handy ring handle to support and control the long string of balls to be inserted into the anus, these balls, also known as anal beads , are perfect for combining stimulation and penetration anal in a single sex toy. Prostate , perineum , point P , point L and anal muscles will be tickled and excited by the irresistible insertion play and extraction of the balls, usually arranged in ascending order. The most popular of the moment? The Anal Beads of 50 Shades of Gray . And don't forget the anus lubricant .

    16 products

    Anal sex balls: what are anal beads?

    Whether they are made of glass, silicone or vibrating, anal balls are unisex anal toys, extremely exciting for both men and women. It is always advisable to use the Anal Beads with appropriate anal lubricant, so as to make the sexual experience more pleasant and lasting. Anal Beads are a series of spheres, usually of increasing size, joined together by a string. The different size allows you to prepare the anus gradually and approach anal penetration in a soft way. It starts with the smallest ball to get gradually to the end of the sex toy, with the largest anal ball. These sex balls are not to be confused with the vaginal balls also known as Chinese balls, Chinese balls or sex balls.

    How to use anal balls

    Anal sex balls, are used to stimulate the anal nerve endings, and in particular those located on the outside, at and near the sphincter. After being well lubricated, the first ball is inserted into the anus. It is important to relax and enjoy the sensation of these anal balls, especially if it is the "first time". When you are used to the sensation, you can move on to the next sphere. You can continue in this way, playing with "out and in", inserting and removing the anal balls to savor the feeling of full and empty.

    How to use the anal beads "solo"

    The secret of anal beads is really the game of threading, inside-out. To learn how best to play with these anal beads, especially if you are new to anal sex in general, it is preferable to experiment with their use alone, to study a part of the body still unknown, and discover all the sensations that result. Experts suggest stimulating the anus and perineum with a mini anal vibrator, to increase arousal and promote relaxation of body and mind. Once you are familiar with your "B side" and anal balls, you can start to discover all the benefits of anal sex balls for new and exciting erotic games.

    How to use anal balls in pairs

    There are many erotic games that you can play thanks to anal beads. The important thing is to share your preferences (experienced alone) with your partner, so that the experience is unique and engaging for both of you. Otherwise, it could turn into an embarrassing and disappointing "flop"! The anal balls also known as Chinese anal balls are also among the sex toys most suitable for the couple to increase the understanding and confidence! When approaching and practicing anal sex, it is important to trust the other and give themselves totally. One way to use them as a couple is to keep the anal balls inside during penetration and, when you are about to reach orgasm, ask your partner to pull out the anal balls one by one, for an explosive climax of pleasure!

    Important safety measures for using anal balls

    As with any other sex toy, it is important to follow some precautions to play with anal balls safely. First of all, you must check that the model you are using is in perfect condition: there must be no defects. Another step not to be overlooked is the use of a good lubricant: the muscles of the sphincter is extremely delicate and to stimulate it with pleasure, avoiding possible friction or irritation, should always be pretreated with a generous dose of lubricant.

    How to choose anal balls online for anal sex

    There are many types of anal balls online. They differ from each other in material, shape and size. If you are trying anal sex balls for the very first time, it is better to go for a model whose balls are round or teardrop-shaped. In this case, size matters! If it is the first experiment with this anal toy, it is important that the balls are small in size. As for the material, the best option is medical silicone. The silicone is in fact a hypoallergenic material, non-porous, so easy to clean and sanitize and soft to the touch. It is also a "safe" material: it does not get damaged over time and is not subject to temperature variation, thus avoiding the risk of releasing harmful chemicals into the body. Silicone is a flexible material, particularly comfortable and practical, especially for those who are beginners with anal sex. Become more practical and experienced, you can dare, moving to steel models or even vibrating anal balls. On MySecretCase you will find all models of anal balls available on the market!

    Anal balls or butt plugs: what are the differences?

    Contrary to popular belief, the anus is a part of our body rich in nerve endings that, in the sexual sphere, require different stimulations. For this reason, even the world of sex toys for anal sex is quite varied and it is important to choose the right one. Butt plugs or anal plugs give you a greater sense of fullness while anal balls are more suitable for sphincter stimulation that contracts and decontracts with the insertion of each ball. In addition, anal balls are smaller and look like a string with balls, while the anal plug is larger in size and is a single body.

    Cleaning anal balls

    As with any sex toy, especially one intended for the anus, cleanliness is important and makes all the difference in having a safe and healthy anal experience. Everything you need to know about anal sex is explained very well on the MySecretCase blog, and cleaning is the first point.
    First of all clean your anus by washing it with plenty of mild soap and water, you can stick a finger inside or better yet use an anal shower to make sure you get any residue off. Now you can proceed with washing the anal balls first with mild soap and water so as not to damage the material and then sanitizing them with a specific toy cleaner for sex toys. The anal ball toy cleaner should be used before and after each use.

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