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The toycleaner are antibacterial cleansers for intimate hygiene and cleaning of sex toys before or after their use, for example to clean the vibrators . Every big brand has its own: you can find Lelo's Antibacterial, Fun Factory's Cleaner and Nexus' Wash, among others. A product necessary to experience a sexuality without thoughts and contraindications, especially for those of you who love to mix up the water by passing during the same performance from vaginal sex to anal sex.

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    Come pulire un sex toy


    The groin area is the most sensitive region of the body, so it is really important to take care of it, not only to keep a pleasant feeling of freshness, but also to prevent unpleasant diseases. Regardless of sexual activity, which requires even more attention, it is essential to wash your intimate parts every day, possibly twice a day, but not with just any soap or cleansing gel, nor with the generic shower gel (the so-called alkaline solutions), but with special lotions and sprays especially designed for the genital area, namely toycleaners, the high quality anti-bacterial detergents.


    The vagina is very delicate: although it is equipped with a natural lubricant that prevents the continuous proliferation of viruses and bacteria, it is still an area very vulnerable to infection, so much so that just a few days of poor hygiene, synthetic underwear, taking antibiotics and a bit of stress are enough for the vaginal ecosystem to be completely altered. In the care of the area it is therefore necessary to follow two basic rules: avoid soaps with chemicals, preservatives and perfumes, because they destroy the lactic acid bacteria and therefore the natural balance of the vagina, and always wash before and after penetration; use mild lotions, with a pH value between four and five and never be obsessed with cleaning: too frequent washing and washing can be aggressive for the acid mantle of the vagina. It is also preferable to wear white cotton panties every day, then reserve satin, silk and lace, black and colored, for special occasions! After gently rinsing the area, dab it with a towel: the vagina, at least externally, must remain as dry as possible; in fact, bacteria and fungi move more freely in moisture. Keep an eye also to the shaving of the groin, to cuddle tenderly with creams and moisturizing oils to soothe redness and irritations.


    Any object you insert in the vagina and anus must be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. Alternatively, you can cover the sex toy with a disposable condom so that you don't have to clean it all the time, but know that almost every brand of sex toys has its own toy cleaner, as in the case of Wash by Nexus, natural antibacterial detergent without fragrance suitable for sensitive skin, the Cleaner by Fun Factory, which prevents the formation of germs and fungi, or the classic Antibacterial by Lelo. It's only a matter of a few moments of maintenance for long moments of carefree pleasure!


    A naive but very common mistake is to penetrate the anus and vagina indifferently and promiscuously, without worrying about carrying potentially harmful bacteria. The anus, in fact, not having a natural lubricant as the vagina, is a den of bacteria that can not be removed in any other way than by careful washing of the area. This is the reason why it is essential not to penetrate first the anus and then the vagina unless you have not cleaned yourself between one penetration and the other, because the bacteria in the anus would be conveyed to the vagina, whose balance is much more delicate. Hygiene is therefore the essential prerequisite for a sexual intercourse free from worries and contraindications, therefore, ultimately, much more pleasant!

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