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Sexy accessories or accessories for bondage? Choose how to combine sexy masks and eye patches and add charm and sophistication to erotic couple games, such as blindfolded sex. Designed to practice blindfolding during bondage , the sexy mask and bandages are also used in burlesque, in combination with the sexy underwear right!

    19 products

    What is blindfolding?

    The blindfolding, or art of blindfolding from the English "blindfold" which means blindfold, is a practice bondage and BDSM increasingly popular even among lovers less daring and experienced. It consists in the more or less total limitation of the sight of one of the partners both to allow the intensification of all the other senses, and to deprive him of the control of the situation to the advantage of the total abandonment towards the dominator and, above all, of senses and sensations. Blind folding, used during foreplay as an erotic game together with finger food, has been recognized as a real soft bondage practice only in recent years, also due to the worldwide success of the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey, which then realized a line of sex toys and accessories signed Fifty Shades.

    Types of sexy masks for women

    Sexy mask or blindfold? The difference is subtle but not negligible. If the sexy mask, in fact, is rigid, semi-rigid or vinyl and has more or less elaborate decorations that lend themselves to use even during role-playing, the second is soft and flexible, usually silk or satin to rest on the eyes with the utmost delicacy and momentarily deprive the partner of sight to give him in return exciting and unique sensations. Wear a sexy mask on ourselves and feel able to do anything and blindfold a man, are experiences to try and discover absolutely. Do not know what to choose? Simple! Double purchase and double pleasure


    Sexy masks and the charm of the unknown

    Findings of masks dating back to 7000 B.C. have been documented and this can only mean one thing: women's masks (and not) have always had a very special charm even for our ancestors. But why is this so? A mask allows us to hide our true face and therefore our identity and to slip and change many new roles. Masks are also often used in theater: a place par excellence of exchanges of identity, passion, sex and love. In addition to this, the allure of the unknown can also have a highly erotic and electrifying effect. In role-playing, then, you can hide your face behind a lace mask or a black and white satin mask and enter straight into the role of the sexy and unknown seductress who appears in the night only when the mask is removed.

    How to have killer blindfolded sex

    More advanced blindfolding almost always involves the simultaneous use of other bondage accessories such as cuffs, handcuffs, quilts, whips and spanking paddles. But it is not mandatory to do it hard core to enjoy. The blindfolded partner will perceive with greater definition both the foreplay and the penetration of blindfolded sex, abandoning himself to the pleasure completely and without distraction. Not necessarily related to the fetish and BDSM sphere, this is how blindfolding becomes an intriguing and sophisticated way to instill within the couple new possibilities for play and complicity. To get inspiration on how to start exciting games in the dark or to have some fun just reading, on our blog we write erotic stories with a high level of excitement.

    How to match sexy masks to costumes and underwear

    Depending on whether you're a more mischievous and romantic lover or a more daring and feisty one, on MySecretCase you can choose the perfect S&M blindfolding and blindfolded sex mask for you! From delicious blindfolds to very elegant sexy fringed masks, passing through leather blindfolds or even a more simple black and white mask, you will be left "eyes" open! That erotic masks have a very special and elegant charm, we know, and not for nothing pompous dresses and tuxedos were (and still are) used at masquerade balls. In private, then, you can complete the sexy look of a lace mask with an elegant but sexy lingerie. The most loved ones? The sexy masks of Osa, the master of bondage accessories.

    The accessories of blindfolded sex

    What at first doesn't look like a distinctive sex toy as we know them, can be incredibly fun in the bedroom. What are we talking about? Sexy blindfolds. Because blindfolding a man, blindfolding each other's eyes and having sex blindfolded; it makes the game of seduction acquire a whole new charm. During foreplay, for example, a soft blindfold covering the eyes makes you feel the tender touches of your partner even more intensely. This is because having sex blindfolded increases sensitivity in an incredible way. To get off on the right foot, you can start by showing each other what you like and what makes you feel really fulfilled and excited. After that, you can start by very slowly approaching your blindfolded partner and teasing them by gently stroking them with feathers to gently arouse them. One of the really intriguing things about blindfolding is the unpredictability of the partner who holds the reins of the game: you never know what to expect and this makes it all the more surprising and exciting. Later, fruit and champagne can also come into play and, highly recommended, you can spice up the foreplay with handcuffs and whips.

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