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Receiving erotic massage is a real panacea not only for personal relaxation, but also for couple sexuality. The sexy massage is in fact an intimate and sensual way to dedicate long moments of pleasure and to get to know the partner's body and erogenous zones better. With Love to Love's cotton or strawberry massage oil or Shunga's chocolate oil, you will infuse the skin and the atmosphere with warm and enveloping fragrances, exciting from the first touch. Sensational also the scented massage candles to be melted still warm on the skin, perfect for your foreplay.

    20 products


    What is a massage is not difficult to imagine, but this is something more: it is a sensual foreplay, a way to know your body and that of your partner, an infallible antidote against stress, an art to awaken the senses. But perhaps, first of all, it is an act of intimate complicity that requires care and attention to the other often neglected in everyday life. To facilitate it and create a romantic atmosphere, rely on products specifically designed to make your nights even more magical: oil and candles.


    "To make bang you only need three things: scented erotic and intimate massage candles, massage oil and Barry White" recited Ryan Reynolds in one of his movies from the 2000s. Nothing could be truer. Oil candles not only help to clear the mind of daily stress, but to direct the attention of one to the other, effusing the atmosphere of warm and sensual notes. With the first drop that melts on your skin, you'll feel like you're in the Orient or Bora Bora and understand why Gauguin never wanted to leave Polynesia again. Based on soy wax, jojoba oil and shea or shea butter with a melting point so low that it melts on your skin while still warm, candles are the ideal tool for relaxing, moisturizing and decontracting massages that can relax your muscles and prepare you for the pleasure to come. Born in Hawaii as an evolution of the traditional "lomi lomi" massage practiced by Kahuna masters, they then spread to China where they merged with the most sophisticated aromatherapy techniques. Today there are different colors, shapes and fragrances: vanilla and cocoa cream based, like the velvety and elegant Flickering Touch Massage by Lelo, or amber and shea butter based, like the fresh spring candle by B Swish. To ignite the pleasure in the bedroom, to add a touch of sensuality to your romantic evenings, to involve the five senses ... these objects for erotic massage are ideal for treating yourself to moments of pure ecstasy of body and mind in a languid combination of sensuality and relaxation massage.


    There are those who are turned on by sinuous forms, those who are turned on by the sound of laughter, those who are turned on by an unmistakable scent. One thing is certain: sexual desire can be aroused by senses not necessarily directly connected with the stimulation of erogenous zones. The so-called "indirect stimulation" is induced through the creation of an evocative atmosphere that refers to other worlds and that tickles the most hidden erotic fantasies. Hence the revolutionary scope of the sexy massage oil with aphrodisiac essences of bergamot, lavender, strawberry, kiwi, ginger, mango, peach, juniper, sandalwood and so on and so forth. The Ancient Egyptians, who already 5000 years ago produced natural aphrodisiacs to stimulate sexual desire and prolong male performance, knew something about it. From the most delicate and sensual, to the most intense and tasty, these objects of pleasure can be either just oils, or oils and lubricants 2 in 1, such as Durex Play Massage, which can be used in different ways depending on the circumstance. For aphrodisiac massages and "kissable" all to taste, do not miss the mysterious recipe of Bijoux Indiscrets with its Aphrodisia Massage Oil. Ingredients: strictly top secret!


    Creating the right atmosphere is essential: soft lighting, soft background music, warm and cozy temperature and ... candles and stimulating oils that help you relax and forget the world outside of you. Choose them

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