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    Durex lubricants: love is fluid

    Capable of making those who use them experience even more amplified sensations, Durex lubricants are indispensable companions for couples and for playing alone or with their toys. In the form of lubricating gels, they come in different viscosities, textures, odors and flavors to make all sexual activities smoother. Durex gels do not stain, do not grease and do not stick faithfully reproducing the consistency of natural female lubrication.

    Types of Durex lubricants

    For every use, the perfect lubricant: whether it's using them for scented and fluid foreplay ,anal intercourse without the constant worry of pain, or having even more fun with your sex toy; with its lubricating gels, Durex will know how to give us what we need. We often hear "Durex oil", but every Durex lubricant, although of slightly different consistencies, is in the form of a more or less viscous gel.
    The Durex brand produces lubricants for every occasion: from vaginal dryness, to anal sex. Let's see some of them:

    "Durex Eternal pleasure gel": Let's start with the highlight. He is the most renowned anal lubricant Durex. Silicone-based - and therefore not for use with your favorite sex toys - apply it to your anus and penis and play the back for hours. Specially formulated for to stay for a long time, ensures that your relationship doesn't have to be interrupted at the most beautiful moment to have to reapply the product: the viscosity of Durex's Eternal gel will allow it to last a long time.

    "Durex Natural gel": The Durex Natural line, is precisely the most natural and delicate and is designed to have a consistency very similar to the liquids produced by the natural lubrication of the vagina. But what is the Durex natural gel for? The Durex naturals pure intimate gel is a water-based lubricant based on natural ingredients and free of perfume and dyes in respect of the natural pH of the intimate areas thanks to its formula enriched with prebiotics, serves to facilitate the natural lubrication and to make the couple's relationships more fluid.

    "Durex Intense Orgasmic gel": It isthe smallest and most discreet of the family. It is a stimulating gel invented specifically to intensify the female orgasm through its special formula "Desirex". The format of the Durex intense gel is small because it is enough apply a few drops on the clitoris to offer sensations of intense pleasure. The sparkling and enveloping touch of the orgasmi gel will certainly not be forgotten.

    In addition, in some formats, the gel Durex can be swallowed. Let's talk about the "kissable" gel lubricants that can be used to flavor and scent oral sex without any worries.

    Aromas and colors of Durex lubricants

    Durex gels have different aromas to please the sense of smell and, in some cases, the taste of all and sundry. The coloring of Durex lubricants is always transparent with some slight hint of orange/yellow color in the case of lubricants with a specific flavor.

    The line "Durex massagge 2 in 1" is specially produced to perform two very exciting tasks: massage making the skin smooth and silky and lubricate intimate areas during intercourse. This line features scents and aromas such as "Guarana" and "Ylang Ylang" to stimulate an extra sense during your sensual games.

    Then there are the gels of Durex transparent with Aloe and are of two different types: the gel plus natural to help the natural lubrication of the vagina and the gel for massage delicate and sensual based on this nourishing and beneficial ingredient.

    Durex gel how to use it

    After identifying the lubricating gel Durex that best suits you, simply open the cap by pressing gently, pour a few drops of gel on your fingers, apply the product on the affected areas or wherever you want and keep the bottle ready for use in case of a new and wet application. All lubricants are easily washable and do not grease, so play without fear!

    Buy Durex lubricants

    Buying Durex lubricants online is super easy and extremely safe on our site. You can browse all the products available as if you were looking at them in a shop window, but with all the peace of mind that you will be browsing the internet from your cell phone and not standing in line at a vending machine outside your nearest pharmacy. Buying online on MySecretCase, you can comfortably wait for your order at home, at the office, at a friend's or wherever you prefer to receive it in just 24 or 48 hours throughout Italy! The package that will be delivered will be 100% anonymous and will not have any indication of the sender and no reference to our site - P.S. not even the courier knows the contents of the package! Today you can also buy Durex lubricating gels in pharmacies or supermarkets, but to avoid embarrassment at the checkout or to carefully decide which Durex lubricant or gel is best suited to us and our needs, buying online is the best choice. In fact, each product has a detailed explanation of its properties and the situations in which its use is recommended or prohibited!

    Price Durex Lubricants

    The prices of Durex lubricants are accessible to anyone! They do not exceed 15 euros and the amount of product contained in each bottle will be enough for a lot of sex wet and hot. The quality of the brand and the indispensable and unique action of the lubricant during intercourse or for your solo games, combined to create a product of high level at an extremely low price.

    The Durex family of products

    The Durex brand is famous for the production and distribution of condoms and - more recently - for the sale of other items for sexual well-being such as the different varieties and flavors of pleasure gel lubricants and fun sex toys disposable.

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