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    3 products

    Durex Vibrators and Rings: the Durex Play line

    "Love Sex" isthe favorite slogan of Durex: it is precisely for the love of sex that was born the line Durex Play, which includes lubricants of all types and flavors and especially vibrators bullets and rings signed Durex to increase the pleasure of the couple. Durex also offers wonderful Pleasure Sets with lubricant and sex toys, convenient and practical, to carry in your purse. Durex is always with you when you want to enjoy.

    Durex sex toys: the Play line

    Sex is play: that's why the Durex line of vibrators and vibrating rings is called Play. To allow you to play with your partner and enjoy to the fullest, in total safety. The Durex bullet is designed to enhance orgasm, while the Durex vibrating ring intensifies erection, making your partner's penis harder, longer. The Durex ring is completely safe and easy to apply. For Durex, vibrators and rings are everyday items, like make-up or lip balm. That's why the Play line features a practical size, and a fun and playful color palette.

    Types of Durex Sex Toys: Ring and Vibrator

    Durex's range of sex toys includes the small but powerful Bullet Vibrators and Vibrating Rings. The bullets stimulate the erogenous zones and the clitoris during penetration and can also be used internally for a solo or couple masturbation. Among the vibrating rings instead we find first of all the Durex Pleasure Ring, a stimulating ring that provides a harder and more intense erection, for prolonged penetration. The Durex Ring is also available in a vibrating model to add the thrill of stimulation that also facilitates the orgasm of those who are penetrated. The Durex Vibrating Ring is stretchy and gentle on the penis. The perfect match of bullet and ring is the Durex Play Ultra, a ring with a vibrating bullet that maximizes the pleasure of both during intercourse. Durex is always creating new toys with which experience pleasure, alone and as a couple.

    Durex Vibrators

    The vibrators of Durex are distinguished by quality, power and practicality: are designed to be used alone or in pairs, are waterproof and coated with medical silicone. Let's start with the basics: try for example Durex Intense Delight, a vibrator small and discreet but with an intense vibration that offers 5 hours of uninterrupted pleasure. With its stimulations you can discover all your erogenous zones and live new exciting experiences alone or in pairs. Durex produces sex toys compact and discreet, such as the small Durex Play Delight: vibrators perfect for erotic games for couples and to reach the female orgasm quickly: try the intimate massager Durex Play Inspiration or the playful finger vibrator Durex Play Touch to test for yourself the Durex branded orgasm. The toys are quiet but we can't guarantee that you will be!

    Durex classic and vibrating rings

    Durex rings are designed to enhance and prolong a male erection, with minimal bulk. The latest models, however, such as Durex Little Devil, feature small vibrating tabs that also titillate your partner's erogenous zones. The ring-vibrator Durex is perfect for double stimulation during penetration: try for example the vibrating action of Durex Intense Vibrations or the Durex Play Vibrations, two types of very powerful disposable rings that guarantee you 20 minutes of vibrant pleasure.

    Buy Durex Sex Toys online

    On the site of MySecretCase you will have available online, every day, 24 hours a day, the best Durex products for your pleasure. Buy online vibrators and phallic rings Durex for maximum savings and convenience: choose from the catalog on the site of MySecretCase, where each model of vibrator or vibrating ring is described in detail, with practical directions for use andstorage. Once you have selected your Durex branded products, wewill deliverthem to youin 24 hours with a package completely anonymous, without brands or logos, with generic sender that makes the product inside absolutely unrecognizable. Not even the courier will know what he is bringing you! Trythe qualityDurex with the quality service of MySecretCase.

    Durex Sex Toys at affordable prices

    Take advantage of MySecretCase's deep periodic discounts and bring home Durex quality at a totally affordable price. You can have a great bullet vibrator or a phallic ring for less than 9 euros and a complete pleasure set of ring, lubricant and condom at a super discounted price!

    The Durex family of products

    Sex Toys are at their best when combined with lubricant: Durex produces an endless range of lubricants, for every use and need. Try for example Durex Play Eternal or Durex Play Feel, applying them on the Durex ring and penis, to experience endless pleasure. All Durex Sex Toys can obviously be used with Durex Condoms, with full compatibility and adherence. Between sex toys, condoms and lubricants, get ready for anunforgettablenight of passion . Durex is always with you when you enjoy!

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