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Are you new to sex toys? We have made a selection according to 4 important criteria for those who start playing: size, ease of use, price and quality. To orient yourself, first choose the type of stimulation: a classic dildo for more natural penetration, a wand massager or a clitoral vibrator for external stimulation. Do you also want to use it as a couple? Start with a finger vibe, a vibrating egg, a vibrating ring or a C-shaped sex toy. Do you want to try anal sex? Here you will find silicone anal plugs and balls with a maximum diameter of 3.5 cm. Then make sure you add a water-based lubricant and a toycleaner, you will immediately move on to the second, the third ...


    First time buying sex toys? You're in the right place. First of all, you should know that sex toys are not necessarily a palliative or a replacement for someone or something: they are more, a way to make you happier than you already are, either alone or as a couple. If you want to start using them on your own, to get to know yourself better or just out of curiosity, we suggest you start with a mini vibrator, here you will find a good selection, a wand vibrator or a clitoral stimulator. If you don't feel ready for vibrations yet, choose a classic dildo or a dildo with a suction cup to avoid using your hands. Only later, when you are familiar with this new game, switch to the rabbit vibrator or the clitoral sucker, the most effective in terms of orgasm.


    The must-haves of the first time, especially if you do not have them at home yet, are these two irreplaceable allies: the lubricant and toycleaner (an antibacterial for sex toys in gel or spray format). The lubricant serves to facilitate stimulation and penetration, the toycleaner to sanitize the sex toy before and after use. If you have bought a sex toy in medical silicone, ABS, rubber, jelly or TPE, you must opt for a water-based lubricant (the silicone-based one corrodes the silicone of the toy), if instead your sex toy is in glass, aluminum or stainless steel, you can also choose a silicone lubricant or a mixed formula. As for the toycleaner, there is no difference, any product will do. If you have any difficulty lubricating or getting naturally aroused, there are specific products to give you a little - and temporary - help: the exciting gels for her and him to apply directly on the clitoris and penis to give you the right boost.


    Did you know that it has been statistically proven that relationships in which sex toys are used last longer than others? All the more reason to introduce them in the life of a couple as a useful, beneficial and fun diversion. We suggest you start with the most playful of all: the remote control vibrating egg and then move on to those with apps (as in the case of the beloved Lush Bullet Vibrator). She inserts the egg in the intimate areas and he guides her pleasure from a distance, very sexy to tease in public but without giving too much attention. Another very simple and effective sex toy for couples, ideal for those who aim to reach simultaneous orgasm, is the vibrating ring, that is, the cockring with integrated clitoral stimulator: he wears it on his penis delaying ejaculation and she enjoys a much more intense penetration. You can also try a C-shaped sex toy, specifically for sex in pairs.


    If there is a moment when sex toys really reveal all their usefulness and effectiveness, it is anal sex. Beyond the psychological resistance, anal toys are the best tool to approach anal sex with due caution: start from butt plugs or anal balls, preferably no more than 3 cm in diameter and medical silicone, sprinkle the tip of water lubricant or hybrid and start to stimulate the anal area to relax and dilate the muscles. Anal stimulators are essential to accustom the woman to receive a foreign body in that area before so much taboo.

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