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The retardant condoms are condoms with benzocaine lubricant which temporarily anesthetizes the penis for a delayed ejaculation . Try our Durex Performa , Control Non Stop or Akuel Long Pleasure condoms, among others, and get ready to say goodbye to the dreaded premature ejaculation : delaying condoms work!


    The delaying condoms are condoms in all respects the same as the others, in shape, size and material, apart from the lubricant they contain which is composed of benzocaine, a substance that desensitizes the parts with which it comes into contact. Therefore, the delaying condoms serve to delay ejaculation, both for those who suffer from premature ejaculation habitually, and for those who are afraid of disfiguring themselves at the first or second date. To be avoided, however, in case of erectile dysfunction or erection problems at an acute pathological level.


    For years, condoms have been the No. 1 remedy against premature ejaculation, which affects 1 in 5 men regardless of age. According to a recent statistic, in fact, 3 out of 10 men ejaculate just 1 minute after penetration, proving that this is a shared problem, easily solvable and most often contextual and impromptu. In short, there is no male who once in a while, depending on his level of stress, excitement or hypersensitivity, does not come a little too soon. Retardant condoms are then the perfect solution: local, non-invasive and without contraindications. Benzocaine, in fact, does not present any risk.


    Of course they do, as long as you keep in mind these indications: insert it just before penetration, otherwise the penis gets too anesthetized and goes into hibernation; do not keep it in your wallet and respect the expiration date; do not use it in case of overt erectile dysfunction, in which case it would always be appropriate to consult an andrologist, and, finally, do not combine it with the most modern delaying sprays, the effect obtained would be excessive. For all other cases, the delaying condom not only works, but it is also the cheapest, quickest and painless remedy!


    The absolute best delaying condoms are the Durex Performa, with a mini thickness, a maxi length and 5% benzocaine in the internal lubricant. Akuel Long Pleasure condoms also defend themselves well, with a slit just below the tip to slightly compress the penis and slow down the blood flow with the result of contributing to a delayed ejaculation. Control Non Stop condoms, on the other hand, have that extra something: a surface rich in relief and veins that tickle the vaginal or anal walls of her, thus proving to be also a stimulating condom for her. You choose now how, when and with whom to delay! With MySecretCase the only embarrassment is of choice! Discover our delay condoms at the best price of the market!

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