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In sex it is fun to always experiment with new and daring positions ... it is a pity that trying to reproduce in the bedroom the illustrations seen on the Kamasutra or the acrobatic tangles peeked into a porn movies is not exactly simple. And sometimes, let's face it, even positions that are not particularly unusual risk being tiring and tiring. But there are solutions, and they are called sex pillows , sex machines , or love machines : accessories designed and created to make life easier. to those who want to love each other ... without risking domestic accidents!

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    To see the meticulously illustrated images, or to observe their casual and enjoyable implementation in the movies, the positions of the Kamasutra would seem accessible to everyone. Too bad that, in truth, even a simple doggy style can prove fatal for joints, herniated discs and cervicals. Of course, not all of us are bendable and graceful, but who doesn't work as an acrobat in the circus must give up going beyond the trite and repetitive missionary position? Absolutely not, all it takes is a few small tricks. And these devices answer to the names of sex pillows, sex furniture and the bombastic "sex machines".


    Sex pillows are nothing more than pillows. What a great novelty, you might think. But they are not just any pillows: sex pillows have shapes designed specifically to facilitate certain positions during sex. A ramp-shaped pillow like Jaz Cherry by Liberator, for example, is designed to facilitate the doggy style, but also to lift her pelvis making the classic missionary position more intense or to promote comfort during oral sex. Other sex pillows, such as Top Dog Mount Black, also have a hole in which to insert a dildo or a vibrator, to make autoeroticism or sex in pairs even more playful and stimulating.


    But to be able to have sex in comfort there are not only pillows: the world of sex furniture is vast and varied! It will have happened to you many times, for example, to give up making love on the leather sofa for fear of "dirtying" it, or to avoid anointing the bodies in a sensual erotic massage so as not to impregnate the sheets with massage oil. Or again, you may have had sex outdoors and found yourself with a rash from rubbing on the sand or grass.... To solve these problems, there are, for example, microfiber towels, waterproof and machine washable, to be spread on the bed, on the sofa, on the car seats or on any other surface that serves as a support for your lovemaking. Discover them and discover the pleasure of making love "in all places, in all lakes"!


    "Stay on the scene, like a sex machine" sang James Brown in his funky hit. And sex machines don't just exist in songs, nor are they just a way of defining tireless lovers. They are all those accessories that serve as complements for sex (such as the aforementioned sex pillows and towels) or as and actual "substitutes" for the partner. If you happened to visit the Museum of Eroticism in Paris or some similar exhibition, you probably know what we are talking about: simple or even very complex and automated machines that allow you to replicate the pleasure of foreplay or penetration. Case in point. ToyLove Double by ToyLove. To be used alone or in pairs, they are perfect for lovers of a sexuality pushed!

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