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Thin and ultra-thin condoms are condoms with a significantly lower thickness than classic condoms that leave the sensations of penetration intact. Compared to other condoms, which have a thickness of about 70 µm, they have a thickness ranging from an average of 50 µm up to a minimum (or a maximum!) Of just 40 µm. There are really no more excuses not to wear them!


    Much thinner than the common classic condoms, have the thickness of latex, polyurethane or polyisoprene with which condoms are made, in fact, is generally around 70/75 µm, or micrometers, which are the tenths of a millimeter. They have an even thinner thickness, even if it seems incredible: from 53 to 55 µm! What does this mean in practice? It means an absolute increase in comfort during use and an increase in the sensations of sexual intercourse, often "muffled" with the use of a condom.


    Such a thin thickness does not mean less safety. Like all the others, these condoms are subjected to the strictest quality controls. Choosing an ultra-thin condom among those offered by the most well-known and reliable brands means choosing a product that guarantees protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, but at the same time allows you not to lose any of the tactile sensations of sexual intercourse. The only contraindication in its use concerns anal sex: due to the greater friction and longer duration of this type of penetration, it is better to choose a condom that is, on the contrary, thicker and more resistant!


    Often the use of a condom leaves a feeling of contact a bit 'muffled' between partners. Silicone, although thin and increasingly comfortable thanks to advances in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, acts as a barrier between the skin of the partners, and sometimes does not allow you to fully enjoy the pleasure of contact. If you also happen to desire a more authentic feeling, but you absolutely (and rightly!) do not want to give up protected sex, choose these condoms without delay!


    All the best brands of condoms also offer in their catalog this type of thin condoms. How to choose, then? You can follow your heart and choose the thin version of the brand that you usually use, pay attention to additional features (such as, for example, the absence of latex or anatomical shape, which makes it easier the always dreaded moment when you put on the condom), or decide based on thickness. Just think that a condom like ESP's Air Thin Supreme Feel is only 40 µm thick - the thinnest condom in the world!

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