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Stimulating condoms are condoms with an outer surface enriched with dots, veins and reliefs. The target? Stimulate female pleasure more intensely and lead to a screaming orgasm! A stimulating condom caresses the vulva and vagina more decisively during penetration, and enriches sexual intercourse with new sensations. Find out which stimulating condoms are right for you in our online catalog and don't hesitate to try them. Because as a couple, you know, it is essential to always look for new stimuli!


    Stimulating condoms are condoms, made of latex or materials such as polyisoprene and polyurethane, just like the classic condoms, but they differ from the latter for a peculiar feature: the texture. Unlike other types of condoms, which are generally smooth to the touch, stimulating condoms have a surface dotted with dots, lines, ribs and reliefs of all kinds. What is the purpose of the special texture of stimulant condoms? It serves, precisely, to bring about a stimulating effect! These small irregularities of the surface, in fact, go to caress more incisively vaginal walls, clitoris and vulva during penetration, increasing exponentially the female pleasure.


    Stimulating condoms are in fact the best condoms for her. Not only do they protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, but they also amplify female sensitivity. Often, during penetration (especially if you're using a condom), women complain that they don't "feel" enough. With a prophylactic-stimulant, however, every woman will open up a world of new and unexplored sensations. Dots, ribs and reliefs incisively but always gently caress both the outer and the inner part of the vagina, and lead more easily to orgasm. And it is not only women who benefit from the stimulating effect of this type of condom: men too will feel the presence of veins on their penis. And, most importantly, they will be exceptionally stimulated by their partner's transportation!


    It is increasingly easy to find stimulating condoms, especially online and in quality sex shops like MySecretCase (modesty aside!). The great success they have met with the female public and not only has led the manufacturers of stimulating condoms to expand their catalog and offer new and varied products. If you are looking for a stimulating condom, let yourself be guided by instinct and choose between those that offer a dotted texture (such as Akuel Skyn Intense Feel, latex-free or Orgazmax, also by Akuel) and those that instead have horizontal lines, ribbing or even real patterns in relief! Only by experiencing the sensations that stimulating condoms give you can understand if for your pleasure as a couple they are better... pinstripes or polka dots!


    Stimulating condoms can be used whenever you want to combine the protection of safe sex with the fun of a different stimulation. Adding new sensations can only benefit your sex and enrich your relationship with a little extra spice! In addition, it can be very useful to resort to the use of the stimulating condom if the woman does not always manage to reach orgasm, perhaps because of too much "speed" of the partner that does not allow a stimulation intense enough of her erogenous zones or because using the condom does not manage to "feel" the partner enough.

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