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By kissable we mean all that erotic cosmetics designed to perfume, moisturize and illuminate the skin and erogenous zones . While some, like the Poème by Bijoux Indiscrets , have a stylus to write on the body their messages of love all to be kissed ( body painting ), others, like the Sensual Bath by Shunga , allow you to immerse yourself in a sensual foam during the bath or shower.
    13 products


    The word itself says it: the kissable are all those products simply "to kiss"! These are oils, luminous powders, creams and edible gels to sprinkle along the body to enhance all five senses in a riot of scents and flavors always new that will make your erotic experience unique and complete! One of the greatest must-haves of foreplay of all times and all cultures, practiced by the most modest as well as the most experienced, now returns with even more fragrances, shapes and colors for new ecstasies to be discovered!


    From massage candles to warm and exotic oils, through the exclusive body powder Aphrodisia and body painting with Poème by Bijoux Indiscrets, which wraps the body with a layer of chocolate to be drawn and enjoyed, kissable are perfect to deepen mutual knowledge andaffinity in an ever-growing alchemy that will make you inseparable!


    After the first few years of a relationship, running into routine is very easy and is one of the main causes of betrayals and separations. After the initialfalling in love, scientifically quantified as lasting about a year, in most cases you begin to experience some fatigue that slowly begins to affect theEros of the couple. If it has happened to you or you simply feel that it is time to make a qualitative leap in your sex life, there is nothing better than the rediscovery of the five senses. Passion, in fact, can be revived just by focusing on the perception of your body and that of your partner. Touch, for example, since the skin is the first of all erogenous zones, capable of capturing the presence of pheromones emitted by our body (or the secretions of particular sweat glands only apparently odorless), is the most important sense of theerotic experience. Not to mention the sense ofsmell, so unique and unmistakable that it can be recalled and remembered even years later. Indescribable and very personal, thesmell of your beloved will never leave you and you will not be able to describe or recreate it: it is the sense par excellence of memory andemotion. If taste passes through the kiss, the primordial gesture of every passion, where saliva transmits testosterone and taste buds send messages of excitement to the brain, sight carries 80% of the information received from the outside world andhearing, always too much underestimated, transfers in the ear lobe, rich in nerve endings, all its erogenous charge. A breath of voice combined with the titillation of the lobe is enough to turn a simple whisper into a wave of overwhelming passion. With any kissable you can simultaneously heighten all your senses, massaging, kissing, smelling and observing the body of your partner in a symphony of sensations that will make your union unique and special!


    Raise your hand if you knew what thesmell of sex was before Ligabue dedicated an entire song to it! But does thesmell of sex really exist? Let's say it does, even if it doesn't

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