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Creams and stimulating gels or adjuvants are erotic cosmetic products to be applied on erogenous zones, in particular on the penis and vagina , to intensify the sensitivity of the part, make it more excited and increase its tightness and energy. Among the bestsellers, the 2 in 1 classics of Stimulant Durex Gel and the Durex Play O and natural lubricants from Intimate Organics .


    In order to reach arousal and then orgasm, the erogenous zones and genitals must be stimulated in the right way (which is never the same for all, just to make the job harder for our partners who would probably like a unique instruction booklet). But it is not only a matter of "mechanics": sometimes what is needed is a product that stimulates the sensitivity of our private parts in order to make them more receptive to the stimuli of foreplay and penetration. Here then, the exciting gels are the right solution to reactivate the blood circulation on the clitoris and vagina, exciting them and promoting their natural lubrication. Although most of these products are specifically designed for women, there is no shortage of exciting gels for men such as Solution for Him by Zini and Erection Cream by Stimul8.


    Flagships of erotic cosmetics, the exciting gels and creams allow you to live more voluptuous and passionate sexual experiences, to be carried away by enveloping aromas and unparalleled tactile ecstasy. Most arousing gels are aimed at vaginal application and intensifying the sensitivity of the area during intercourse, especially for those women who struggle to reach orgasm continuously or easily. But no one has forgotten about the other half of the sky: there are also many products designed to increase the strength, tightness and energy of male performance by stimulating a continuous and long-lasting flow of blood to maintain an erection. It is important, however, not to expect miracles: the excitement gel is an adjuvant, that is limited to "help" in cases of mild and temporary impasse, but does not cure permanently ED (erectile dysfunction), impotence and anorgasmia. In these cases it is always better to consult a trusted specialist.


    The classic Durex Play 2 in 1 for erotic massage and Play O entirely designed to make the female orgasm more unforgettable are just the beginning! Erotic cosmetics take care of the skin and more. The entire YESforLOV range features libidinous accessories, including Go Wild Caress, a succulent kit for indulging in sophisticated and irresistible games, which includes arousing gel, moisturizing intimate lubricant, black satin blindfold and much more. Not to mention the Poème Butter Caramel by Bijoux Indiscrets, which will allow you to devote yourself to a delicious edible body painting with caramel flavor. New but already beloved are all the products of the Amoréane line, available with both refreshing and warming effect, whose patented formula based on marine phytoplankton, microorganism survived millions of years in the ocean floor and known for their exclusive antioxidant and antibacterial properties, also act as special moisturizing and rejuvenating gels. If, on the other hand, you are very attentive to the INCI and 100% natural composition of cosmetic products, you can't help but love Intimate Organics' Intense, Gentle and Embrace Clitoral Gel, whose almond oil, chili pepper or peppermint extracts awaken the female erogenous zones in a 100% eco-friendly way. In short, love gels and creams can become the taste, the smell, the feel of your most passionate hours of desire!

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